Top 5 Awesome Gadgets Predicted by 'The Jetsons' You Can Shop

Top 5 Awesome Gadgets Predicted by 'The Jetsons' You Can Shop

Is funny how culture can influence our way of living. One example of this was ABC’s show “The Jetsons”, a work of the famous Hanna-Barbera studios. Being one of the most popular cartoons of the last century, “The Jetsons” presented the routine of a family living in 2062. And we all wondered how cool it would be to own a flying car or a jetpack. Fortunately, we now have access to some of the gadgets used by the futuristic family. So get ready for the top 5 awesome gadgets that “The Jetsons” predicted.  

Flat Screen TV

Television wasn’t always flat. Back when the show started TVs were smaller and way heavier. So people just couldn’t imagine having a big flat screen TV coming out of their house ceiling. Now, all you need is a regular plasma television and a support that allows you to hang it from above. Therefore, you can watch your favorite shows in your bed or in the living room. Click HERE to check plasma TVs and HERE for ceiling supports!


Another crazy device that appeared in the show was the smart watch. This gadget could be used in many different situations due to its large capabilities. And it made us wonder if it would ever be possible to get one. Today, you can make phone calls and answer texts with your watch. Click HERE to check smartwatches!

Vacuum Cleaner

Sure you remember Rosie, their maidbot. But the Jetsons also had other devices that helped them keep the house clean. That was the case of their vacuum cleaner. It was a small blue robot that wandered around the house cleaning the floor. Much like the smart vacuums that we have today, but without the personality. Click HERE to check smart vacuums!

Video Call

Moving on our list there is video calls. Communicating with others sounded so easy in the cartoon. You could talk to someone through any type of screen and still look at their face. Nowadays most devices can achieve that but in the 60’s and 80’s you had to face the phone book. And that often took time. For more modern solutions, apps like Skype, Hangout and Whatsapp are your best friends in case you need to make a video call. Click HERE to check smartphones!

Smart Home

Living in a smart house was the dream! Waking up and having everything prepared for you sounds just perfect. Thankfully, with Google Home and Alexa we are able to experience that. That said, we can find out if a smart home really is a dream come true or a real life Black Mirror episode. Click HERE to check Google Home!

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