Educational Gadgets: Different Ways To Improve Learning

There are many ways to learn new things and to develop certain skills. But technology made sure to facilitate the learning experience. By turning study into something fun, many students began to develop an interest in studying and eventually started to pay more attention. Because of this, we selected some of the best educational gadgets to increase students learning skills.


One of the best educational gadgets we have is our smartphones. With them it’s possible to access apps that can help you learn languages! One of the most famous is Duolingo. His platform became a hit due to their gaming mechanics and associations. The idea is to help make the learning process more interactive and fun. So the creators made the app easy to use. That way, anyone can enjoy studying another language. Unfortunately, only using the app won’t turn you into a native speaker. But it sure is a very powerful tool that will definitely aid you in the process.


Another app that can be incorporated in schools are the math apps. Apple Store and Google Play have many interesting options, but The Math Learning Center apps stands out. That’s because they can be used for many age groups in different situations. The apps include games that works with fractions, money, pattern shapes, geoboards and other number related activities. And by having all those options in the same place can influence the time someone remain playing and learning. It’s a really easy way to get involved in the game and also a good exercise for the brain.


If you are interested in making your kids learn while having fun, than Osmo is the toy you’re looking for. Osmo is a kit that includes different games that you can use with their apps. And it’s only compatible with iPads or Fire Tablets. The games vary depending on the option you purchase. There are 3 kits available, one for each age group. And they focus on spelling, drawing, puzzles, math, creativity and even coding. The games help the children with communication and critical thinking. For that reason, Osmo is present in more than 30,000 classrooms. Their most famous app is Tangram, a seven puzzle piece game that can turn into many different pictures. It’s a nice option for younglings and it helps on their spatial thinking.


Another product option would be the LEGO Mindstorm Robot. Sadly it’s a little expansive but you are about to understand why. The LEGO toy consists on bringing a robot to life. This Black Mirror experience let’s you build and program it however you want. In addition to that, the programming language it uses is Python. Although that might sound hard for children LEGO made possible for them to use it via tablet. So you’ll be able to live in a Toy Story world and have fun programming different actions for you robot.

Those games and apps are really great for learning, but they’re not substitutes for real classroom lessons. So technology has yet to figure out a 100% interactive learning experience. And if you’re still uncertain that gadgets can be beneficial for schools just click here!

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