Technology In Learning: Teaching In Modern Times

Learning methods are always being rethought in order to discover the best way a person can assimilate knowledge. Nowadays, technological advances made possible for us to incorporate gadgets and online dynamics inside the classroom. So it’s now possible to have a lecture in Florida with the speaker in another country. That said, below are a few reasons to consider the use of technology in learning.


There’s a lot of debate when the subject is the use of technology inside the classroom. Some say it’s a tool of distraction but others enjoy the idea. One of them is the Professor Margaret Smithey from the Owen School’s Strategy. She encourages the use of technology in order to make her lessons more interactive. Not only that but she also puts them in a proactive position of learning. Therefore, the students take part in their own learning process and are encouraged to help each other as well.

“ I never want to use technology just for technology’s sake but to support my students’ learning.”

Professor Margaret Smithey

The birth of TEL

Technological-enhanced Learning or TEL for short is the name of technologies that improves the learning experience. It can be many things, from an audio to a game. The important thing is that the activity has the ability to promote a learning environment or generate knowledge. The idea is to use technology to provide critical thinking and problem solving interactions for students. It’s also good to divide them in groups in order to reach a common goal. That way they can learn and develop skills while having fun.

Minecraft Education

An amazing example of TEL is the Minecraft Education edition. The creators of Mojang and XBox united to create this game for classroom use. The goal is to promote creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment through learning. The block based game makes specially easy for kids to learn and develop many skills. But it’s not all for children. The game also provides the basics of coding and programming for anyone to learn it.


Although technology is very good for students, it’s important to establish some rules. Too much of one thing is always bad. And for technology it’s wise to take breaks from time to time. A good educator should also teach their pupils how to interact online with others. In addition to that, it’s essential to discuss with them ways they can protect themselves online and evaluate online sources. This way they will be able to develop healthy technology habits.

These factors show us the importance of preparing our kids for the high tech world that they will leave in. Nonetheless, technology can be a very powerful tool to help teachers all over the globe. So look for a TEL that will best suit you and your students!

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