Tech Products To Buy In November

Tech Products To Buy In November

Everybody is ready to give a nice welcome to November. There are only 2 months to go to the end of the year, Thanksgiving is almost there and we have Black Friday right after that. Besides that, the last released products of the year are already on sale and a lot of people get crazy to have them. Not to mention the new tech products that we can buy already on this month.

Therefore, Lemoney make a quick list to you see by yourself which tech product you can buy already in November. By the way, it’s very possible to you see them in a Black Friday deal.

iPhone 11

Finally, iPhone 11 is around us. The new Apple smartphone comes with a dual camera-lens that can capture four times more screen. Also, it comes with a lot of upgrades that fans wished for a quite time. Besides, if you buy iPhone 11, you get 1 year of Apple TV+ for free. It is the new streaming service that Apple

AirPods Pro

If there is some tech company that knows about what is good can be even better, this company is Apple. It wasn’t a surprise that they were supposed to launch new AirPods. But the new features like active noise cancellation, a new class of in-ear headphones, are new add-ons that makes all the difference.

Apple Watch Series 5

A display that never sleeps. This is one of the main things around the new Apple Watch Series 5 concept. It continues with the main features plus some upgrades like the possibility to totally customize in any way you’d like to. Moreover, it’s a watch that tells you time either. Did you know that?

Amazon Dot with Clock

It can be a simple upgrade, but it makes the whole sense of the world to have it. We’re talking about an Echo Dot with a clock on a LED display. But beyond showing time, it can also shows temperature or timers. And, in case you worry about the LED brightness, you don’t need to be worried at all. Because the display has a light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness according to the light of the environment.

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