16 Reasons Why You Should Have LeBron 16

NBA wouldn’t be the same without its stars’ sneakers lines. Among them, certainly a King would be a highlight. And that’s what happened one more time. LeBron 16 is the next LeBron’s gift to his subjects and witnesses of his legacy. It comes following the previous successes of this shoes line. Although it’s long lasting, Nike LeBron 16 has brand-new details that you need to see.

Check these 16 reasons that makes you want to have Lebron 16 right away:

1 – Dress Like a King

Nike LeBron 16 Reasons Shoes

LeBron 16 comes with the unique Bron’s style. It features exclusive details such as lions in the ankle and the remarkable number 23, that is part of most of LeBron’s career on top. All of that in the purpose to fit you perfectly and make you dress up like a king. By the way, this is a pretty good reason for you to buy Nike LeBron 16.

2 – The Most Iconic Of A Great Basketball Era

During the past years, NBA has reaching a level that most of specialists say that never seen it before. Each team has more than 1 great player and becoming a star among them it’s, more than ever, very difficult. That’s not a problem to LeBron, always at least a top 3 NBA super star for the last years.

3 – BattleKnit 2.0

Nike LeBron 16 Reasons Battleknit

The most exclusive thing that you’ll have when purchasing your LeBron 16 is by far the BattleKnit 2.0. In the LeBron XV, Nike revealed Battleknit. A reinvention of the Flyknit technology that allowed the shoe to have a firmer hold. With the LeBron 16, Nike pushes it further with added innovation.

4 – 4x NBA MVP

Nike LeBron 16 Reasons MVP

Besides winning the Larry O’Brien trophy, the players dream about winning the MVP award. LeBron got this triumph 4 times in his career. Certainly an epic mark that has everything to be greater in the next years.

5 – 3x NBA Finals MVP

It’s The Finals time in the end of the season and you need to make it. Who do you call? Certainly LeBron. In clutch moments, the King appears. Not to mention that due to that, he has 3 Finals MVP Awards.

6 – 6x All-Defense 1st Team

The famous Lebron’s chasedown blocks made striking moments in his career. It’s one of the main things that turned LeBron into a great defender. He has 6x All-Defense 1st Team indications. In this picture you can see the legendary block over Iguodala in the 15/16 Finals.

7 – J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award

Not only LeBron is legendary on courts. But also outside the gym. He has won the 2016-17 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award as selected by the Professional Basketball Writers Association (PBWA). A beautiful recognition for the outstanding service and dedication to the community.

8 – LeBron 16 Traction

Traction is something crucial for a great basketball performance. And nearly all testers agree that the Nike LeBron 16 has beastly traction. They say that it holds up really well despite the court condition. Everything you need to make those sounds that we love in basketball while running on court.

9 – 2x Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Our King not only conquered U.S.A., but also the world. He won the Olympics twice and brought these glories to America. Not to mention that in both cases, having great performances among the other all-stars.

10 – 8 straight finals

We can easily say that LeBron was born to decisions. He holds the amazing record of 8 consecutive finals. Almost reaching the 1st in the list, Bill Russell, that has 10 straight finals.

11 – 2x Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year

Nike LeBron 16 Reasons Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is one of the most famous sports magazines of the world. The magazine awarded LeBron James twice with the “Sportsperson Of The Year” award. A great recognition that reaffirm LeBron’s greatness.

12 – LeBron And The 4-3

Bron is the only MVP of the Finals to lead a 4-3 after a 1-3 defeating. A moment of greatness that will go through the history. It shows how he can handle pressure and be a true leader.

13 – I Promise School

Nike LeBron 16 Reasons I Promise School

King James always has philanthropy projects. One of the newest is the public school in Akron, his homeland, that he built. The school takes the famous mantra “I Promise” that he always had in mind.

14 – All for the King, the King for all

Nike LeBron 16 Reasons The Decision

LeBron James is a powerful voice in the NBA. His actions inside and outside the days of basketball, such as when it comes to racial, politic and political manners, emboldens the players. It all started with the great “The Decision” moment, when he decided to go to Miami. That critical moment changed on how NBA superstars can have more control on their decisions.

15 – 1st Player With 2 Lines Reaching 10 items

James is the first player to have TWO signature series (the LeBron and Soldier lines) each reach 10 models. Its shoes legacy is wide and you’re about to be a part of it when purchasing the newest one of this collection.

16 – Designed By The King Himself

LeBron participated closely in the process of creation of LeBron 16. According to him, “The LeBron 16 feels light. It might even feel like it won’t be able to hold up”. Certainly you’ll realize that there’s a participation of him in your shoes once you purchase Nike LeBron 16 due to these reasons.

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