National Hot Dog Day 2020: Unique Recipes For You To Try At Home

One of America’s most popular meals is here to bring you joy! Today is the National Hot Dog Day and that means we’ll celebrate it by eating different types of hot dogs. Besides, today is also the day you can get your favorite hot dog for a dollar at your favorite stores! But, in case you don’t feel like going out because of the ongoing pandemic, we got you covered. In this post we selected some crazy hot dog recipes for you to try at home. So get your apron and sausages ready because you’re about to witness unique recipes from the “delish” blog.

Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs

national hot dog day grilled cheese

Our first recipe is dedicated to the grilled cheese lovers! This outstanding combination is out of this word good. Besides, the cheese and garlic combo adds a fantastic smell to your hot dog.

Jalpeño Popper Dogs

national hot dog day jalapeno

This next one is for those who appreciate a little spice in their meals. Joining your favorite jalapeño with mustard will turn your hot dog into a delicious spicy dish. So make sure you try this one out.


national hot dog day quesadilla

And since we’re talking about spicy recipes we also have a special mix of quesadillas and hot dogs. This mexican-american meal is the perfect excuse to put all your favorite condiments in just one delicious hot dog.

Corn Dog Bites

Up next we have this soft yet crunchy corn dog bites. They are amazing appetizers and you can serve them with the sauce of your choosing. Besides, they’re also incredibly easy and fast to make.


Last but not least we have the traditional hot dog made with bun, sausages, ketchup and mustard. These items are the four pillars of most hot dogs but you can add other ingredients to make your own recipe. So make sure to try other alternatives and happy National Hot Dog Day.

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