LeBron 16 x Kyrie 5 - Which One Should You Buy?

That’s the type of doubt that everyone enjoys having. For ballers, there are two great options to play some hoops in every court now. Because Nike released the brand-new LeBron 16 and Kyrie 5 and you’re about to know the main details of them. In that way, you can find the best choice between these Nike must-haves. However, maybe this will be a very hard decision to make. So hard that it can be difficult as choosing your a favorite child. So, which one do you pick? Team LeBron 16 or Team Kyrie 5?

LeBron 16: The King brings the next

LeBron 16 Kyrie 5 LeBron 16

LeBron’s legacy in the NBA is followed by great shoes in each moment of his career. And going to the Lakers wouldn’t be different. Nike LeBron 16 comes with the highest technology in shoes market. Besides that, it also provides everything you need to achieve a great performance. Not to mention the unmistakable style that only a King has.

The royal details

LeBron 16 Kyrie 5 Details

LeBron 16 comes with details never seen before. On the top you’ll find the remarkable number 23, which has marked the most part of LeBron’s career. Not to mention the presence of the famous lion that is the logo of his line of shoes in ankles. Purchase it now and make the player guarding you only see these lions while you’re running to the basket.

Uncle Drew a.k.a. Kyrie Irving got handles and great shoes

People mostly define Kyrie Irving as an unpredictable and a surprising player. So are his shoes. Following the successful line, has some differentials. For example, the multidirectional response focused in Kyrie’s fast, explosive style of playing basketball. Also, it provides everything you need for good quickness with great traction.

Same shoes, totally different versions: Friends and Spongebob Squarepants

LeBron 16 Kyrie 5 Spongebob Friends

From Central Park to the Bikini Bottom! Kyrie 5 brings unbelievable editions. It has, for example, the world famous TV Show Friends edition and 5 from Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants! Because also of that, Kyrie 5 is already making history when it comes to basketball shoes.

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