John Krasinski And The Office Reunion With Steve Carell

Being inside your house for too long might drive most people crazy. But that’s not the case for John  Krasinski. The American actor sought to create his own news channel with the help of his daughters. So while the world and local news talk about the COVID-19 and the current quarantine, John found a way to lighten the mood. Below there is a John Krasinski and The Office reunion with one white haired Michael Scott, aka Steve Carell.

John Candy Top 10 Roles!

Some Good News – SGN

The Youtube channel “Some Good News”, or SGN for short, is exclusively dedicated to good news. The purpose of this is to show that, even though we’re facing hard times, good things are still happening. Besides, we also got to see John Krasinski and Steve Carrel talking about their favorite moments in the show. And that is just priceless! That said, come and see for yourself the John Krasinski and The Office reunion with Steve Carell.

Where To Watch The Office?

The outstanding nine-season show originally aired on NBC and it continued there until it’s final episode, eight years later. Then, the show was later available on streaming platforms such as Netflix and HULU for a considerable time. Nowadays, The Office can be accessed through Amazon Prime. So get this incredible gift card today to start binge watching The Office on Prime! Don’t wait another second to rewatch it all. And if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to check it out.

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