John Candy Top 10 Roles: Remembering The Comedy Legend

Canadian actor John F. Candy was a native of comedy. The man had a giant charisma and was a talent to be reckoned with. Not to mention that he is still considered to be one the most important comedy actors of all time. For that reason, people should watch their favorite Candy movie on his 26th death anniversary. So, to honor his memory we made a John Candy top 10 roles list. That way, you can remember the highlights of his career.

10. Home Alone

Although Candy makes a short appearance in this one, the scenes are memorable. The Polka King of the Midwest, Gus Polinski adds a lot to this classic Christmas comedy. Besides he was not even meant to be in the movie. He improvised all of his lines and shot all his scenes in one day for free.

9. JFK

Candy is not portrayed as a serious guy. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t deliver more dramatic performances. Moreover, an example of this is his work as Dean Andrews Junior in JFK. Besides, with the incorporation of a southern accent, Candy surprised everyone with this role.

8. Who’s Harry Crumb?

This next one is the result of the finest Candy comedy recipe. Even though it’s not his best role, Harry Crumb will definitely make you laugh. Furthermore, the great detective with absolute zero detective skills brings out an incredible 80’s comedy film.

7. Stripes

While surrounded by other talented actors such as Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, our John delivered an outstanding performance. Besides, Dewey Oxburger gets plenty of the spotlight in this movie due to one particular mud wrestling scene.

6. Spaceballs

There is really not much to talk about this one other than it is a masterpiece parody. Spaceballs satirizes Star Wars in a hilarious way. So, in this one, Candy played the half man, half dog Barf and acts as a companion to Lone Starr. So go check this one out!

5. Summer Rental

This comedy gem provides endless fun. Especially because it is a very light movie that you can rewatch over and over again. Not to mention that the plot moves smoothly and the laughs don’t stop coming. Overall it is a very underrated 80’s movie. Besides, it was Candy’s first Hollywood lead film.

4. Uncle Buck

This movie is without a doubt one of his greatest works! Therefore, Uncle Buck is a must see family film. It’s comedy is brilliant and the movie represents the genre as a whole. And all it takes is a bachelor uncle and some kids to make you laugh like you never did before.

3. Splash

Considered to be the movie that led Candy to the stardom. In other words, his relationship with Tom Hanks was out of this world. But the true magic of this gem is that Candy turns almost every situation into a funny scene. Besides, he nailed being a womanizer while Tom Hanks sits shy in a corner.

2. Only The Lonely

At first glance it looks like a typical romantic comedy film. But soon you realize that this one is a more emotional ride. While the humor is still there, this entry is dedicated to Candy’s soft side and his touching performance.

1. Planes, Trains And Automobiles

What happens when you pair the comedy genius Steve Martin with one mister Candy? Well, you get one of the most beloved movies of 1987. This John Hughes masterpiece is another holiday movie you need to see. So don’t wait any longer to start watching!

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