Harley Quinn Items For You To Shop

Birds of Prey was released this February and it has got people talking. Whether it is the box office problems or its intriguing post-credit scene, Margot Robbie’s production made an impact.  Harley Quin and her new unexpected friends join forces to protect each other from city thugs to crime bosses. So expect new collectibles to shop. And, with this in mind, we selected a few of these new Harley Quinn items just for you.

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Funko Pop


Kicking off there’re the brand new Funko Pop of Harley, her friends and Black Mask. These big headed toys are absolutely adorable and it was the right choice to turn them into Pops. Their color scheme and poses makes them very interesting and unique. Besides, each one of them comes with an exclusive collectors card from Entertainment Earth. So go check them out!

Plush Baseball Bat

One of Harley Quinn’s most famous weapons. The Good Night baseball bat is an absolute fan favorite. But this is a safer option because it is a plush baseball bat. So it is a great gift for kids due to the fact that they can hit each other with it and not get hurt. Or at least not as hurt as they would get from playing with a real baseball version.

Clear Backpack

Having it’s design based on the new movie, this Harley Quinn Birds of Prey backpack is quite useful. It is not huge, but it can still store your pajamas and makeup for a sleepover at a friend’s house. The red and blue adjustable straps are also a nice touch to its design such as the little zipper hammer. Besides, you won’t find a cooler Birds of Prey backpack anywhere. This is definitely one the the best new Harley Quinn items.

Travel Journal


Harley Quinn is an iconic character that keeps her popularity growing. That’s because of Margot Robbie’s interpretation of the clow princess and her old comic books stories, cartoons and movies. And although the character has worn many outfits, the one remembered the most is the black and red suit. So it’s not a surprise that it became a symbol of Harley and has appeared in this cute travel journal.

Necklace Replica


And last but not least we got the replica necklace set that Harley uses in the new movie. The accessory is a must have if you’re planning on cosplaying. Besides, as it’s not a very fleshy one you can still wear it with your regular clothes. Just try to mix and match to see what you got and you’re good to go. The product comes packed on a hangcard and it is made of zic alloy.

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