10 Docs About Women You'd Love To Watch

Even though women are getting every time more and more empowered, that doesn’t mean the situation is ideal. In fact, it’s still far from an equal world where women are paid the same amount of money as men. Or where they are not neglected only for having kids. That’s why it’s really important to see women taking over places, positions and also the world.  Thinking about that, we listed 10 docs about women you definitely would love to watch. Either to inspire you or to get to know more about these women’s amazing journey. 

1. The Women’s List

Politicians, designer, singer, actress, lawyer and other incredible women who somehow have created and defined contemporary American culture. The 15 documentary characters share their personal histories, achievements, struggles, and identities with anecdotes and moments of their lives. Each in their respective fields, they tell their fight against discrimination and how they make their voices heard. Also, how their influence changes the world. 

2. Audrie & Daisy

Society’s judgment, cyberbullying and sexism are common situations in a girl’s life. Audrie and Daisy experienced moments of terror when they find that sexual assault crimes against them have been caught on camera. And that, of course, had serious damage in their lives. The documentary tells the reality of these girls and how families, friends, schools and communities react when this happens. It also shows the importance of dialogue and debating sexual assault and the consequences on the victim’s lives. 

3. Feminists: What were they thinking?

The documentary revisits women’s movement in the ’70s by taking a look at pictures captured by photographer Cynthia MacAdams of that time. The interviews with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and other names show women fight for equality and how things changed through the years. With that, the documentary focuses on topics such as identity, abortion, race, childhood, and motherhood. 

4. My Beautiful Broken Brain

Lotje Sodderland, a 34-year-old woman, documents her life after waking up with aphasia. In this inspiring movie we can see her recovery and learning, since she had to learn to speak, read, write and do everything again. Her adaptation, the hospital visits, and her new life are also shown on the footage she made on her iPhone. Which gives a more personal view of her challenges.

5. What Happened, Miss Simone?

This documentary tells the story of Nina Simone’s childhood, relationship, and work. It also shows the best moments of her singing career and activist’s life. So, get to know more about her ups and downs with rare archival footage. This incredible story couldn’t stay out of these 10 Docs About Women list.

6. Mission Blue

Oceanographer Sylvia Earle was the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Her life mission is to save the oceans from its greatest threats such as toxic waste and overfishing. The award-winning documentary also shows how it is to be a woman ocean environmentalism at a time when the field was dominated by men.

7. Miss Representation

Miss Representation focuses on how the media banalizes and sexualizes women. The documentary also has an impact on how people absorb everything they see, especially young boys and girls. The film analyses and deconstructs how women are misrepresented by the media.

8. He Named Me Malala

Know more about the life of the young human rights activist and Nobel Prize laureate. Malala was shot by the Taliban for advocating for a woman’s right to an education when she was only 15. It also shows the girl’s struggle for survival and her family’s adaptation to life in the public eye. And also their adaptation to Western society after moving from their hometown to England. An incredible story to watch on Netflix

9. Ladies First

Deepika Kumari grew up in a poor rural village in Indian hearing that sports were not for girls. But that didn’t stop her from becoming the best female archer in the world. And that with only 18 years old. The documentary shows her journey and the difficulties she had when it comes to women’s rights. 

10. Embrace 

Have you heard of body positivity? Taryn Brumfitt travels the world with the mission to fight body shaming in this documentary. The Australian body positivity activist, that became famous in the social media, interviews people who have suffered from body shaming. With that, she learns from their experience and also tries to make people think about the topic.

Amazing women with amazing histories so that you can watch at any time. These 10 docs about women will surely enlighten your way of seeing the world.

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