Awesome Female National Team Jerseys

The Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019 is not only about the game. With over 720k tickets sold it is stronger than ever and marked by unique things on a women’s championship. Women have exclusive jerseys for the first time. This is a big step for the football community and has a very significant meaning for women in general. Nike has made a great work on this year’s jerseys following their standards with breathe fabric and great designs so we listed some of the best ones!

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Women’s World Cup 2019 Australia Home Kit

The Australia team wear no-ordinary-at-all yellow and green t-shirts inspired by the Australian city life. These exclusive jerseys also contrast to the wild outback. The away kit combines class and style with two shades of green.

Women’s World Cup 2019 Nigeria Home Kit

The Nigerian home kit is a tribute to the men’s ’94 kit. Not to mention that was a great hit at the 2018 World Cup being sold out really fast. Its neon green, black and white pattern is a success all over the world.

Netherlands Home Kit

Netherlands get in the field in an all-orange home kit with influence and inspiration in a tulip. They carry the lioness on the chest as well. This detail was changed to female two years ago to encourage women all around the world playing football. 

Brazil Home Kit

You can find Brazil’s traditional blue and yellow kits at Nike too! The home kit is a classic yellow with green collar. However, the away kit comes with blue shirt and white shorts. By the way, the inspiration comes with geometric constellations. They represent indigenous warrior who turned to stars after their death, according to legend.

England Away Kit

The away kit’s design comes with a unique pattern that represents England’s fauna and flora. Although the away kit has an exotic vibe, the new home kit is classy and minimalist. Kind of similar with the men’s jerseys. But the different details turns around the white collar and the red cuffs.

Female representation is powerful and sends a message about women’s rights in sports and in life nowadays. It took a long time but now women’s soccer is beginning to have visibility. It’s time to enjoy all the great things it brought to the society more than never. Watching their games and getting their jerseys women’s soccer is a great way to support. Not to mention the visibility they deserve and all empowerment they fight for. 

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