Top 10 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas 2019 Edition

Halloween is getting closer by the minute and now is a good time to start your preparations. From decorations to candies and trick or treating, there’s no denying that the outfits are the most important subjects. So in order to help you to find the perfect costume we selected a few ideas of what to wear while celebrating the wicked holiday. With this in mind, let’s get to the top 10 Halloween costume ideas 2019 edition.

10. Kids Stealth Ninja

Starting with the little ones we have a special ninja outfit for the warriors wanna be. This pitch-black look is the perfect option for stealth adventures. Not to mention that it will make your kid look like a brand new Mortal Kombat character.

9. Teen Warrior Knight

For girls, the tendency is to see more and more warriors than fairies and princesses. After the success of Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman in recent years, girls are more and more interested in badass looks. For this reason, this knight costume is a good option for this 2019 Halloween.

8. Genie


Starting our grown up options is Will Smith’s genie from Aladdin’s live action movie. Although it doesn’t come with a lamp or a magical carpet, this look is flashy, stylish and also comfortable. Besides, you ain’t never had a costume like this!

7. IT – Pennywise

Following the release of the second part of the film adaptation of Stepnhen King’s book, there’s the IT costume. The killer clown is back at Derry and it is most likely to appear in your town too. So it might as well be you. All you need is the outfit and a red balloon to creep people at your Halloween party. Just go easy on the pranks. Some folk really don’t like clowns.

6. Handmaid’s Tale


The next item is from the Handmaid’s tale series. A very popular show from Hulu that launched its third season this year. The famous red outfits are available now and you can even purchase it with a fake belly. Make sure to check it out!

5. Maleficent


Just like other items on this list the Maleficent outfit is likely to make a comeback. This is due to the release of the sequel of Angelina Jolie’s anti hero version of the character a couple of weeks before the holiday. That said, is safe to say that the evil sorceress is going to be present on every major Halloween party. And the interesting thing is that everyone wears a different Maleficent. Some focus on makeup and others on the clothes and horns. So it’s up to you to choose what you want to go with.

4. Saturday Night Fever

As for couples costumes there are plenty of options. And the one we chose was the disco style. That way, you can feel like John Travolta and Karen Gorney and party like it was 1977. This flashy looks are bound to get the attention on the dancing floor. So be prepared to show off some moves.

3. Stranger Things

Since one of the most awesome things in Halloween is trick and treating with friends, we couldn’t fail to mention group costumes. That said, Stranger Things is a good theme option due to their large character roster and it’s sci-fi thriller vibe. Click to check them: Demogorgon, Eleven and Jim Hopper.

2. Marvel’s Avengers


Another group theme you can explore is the superhero one. These costumes are easy to find and since Marvel launches movies every year they are always trending. That said, you can’t go wrong with this one. Just make sure you and your friends don’t show up as the same hero. Click to check them: Thor, Gamora, Captain America and Black Widow.

1. Grease


Last but not least, the final items on our list are dedicated for the pets. Or in this case, dogs. Our companions will look even more adorable in these Grease jackets. The Pink Ladies and T-Bird jackets will also add to their style this Halloween.

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