Top 7 Items To Make Your House Spooky On Halloween 2019

Fall is already here and it always brings us a more cozy weather and the best types of foods. It also sets the countdown for the spookiest celebration of the year, the Halloween. That said, we separated some items that help you make a scary haunted house this Halloween. Because Walmart Halloween Decorations are famous and give you unlimited possibilities to make your home very creepy. So let’s get to our list.



It’s not Halloween if there isn’t candies and pumpkins. So, to start getting into the holiday spirit, place your carved pumpkins outside and use plastic ones inside. You can use ink by drawing faces, images and symbols on the ones inside. For the ones in your front yard just make it casual. A traditional scary face pumpkin never go out of fashion. Click HERE to get pumpkins!

White Sheets

An easy way to improve your decoration is to cover everything in white sheets and fabrics. This adds a more mysterious mood to the environment, which gives a ghost haunted look. Aside that, it might also prevent your stuff to get dirty in case someone spills a drink in your couch. But if white isn’t the color you’re looking for, there’re other options in the Walmart Halloween decorations sale. Click HERE to get white sheets!


Another easy tip is to have an all candle based illumination. This contributes to the rest of the setting and grants you a very dramatic scenario. So, in order to bring your decoration to life we recommend you to use lots of candles. Unfortunately, filling your house with wax fire sticks might not be a brilliant idea if you’re clumsy or have children. So, a substitute for these candles is actually another candle. You can try using flameless led ones that has little to no danger. Click HERE to get candles and HERE to get flameless led candles!

Skulls, Bones and Graveyard Tombstones

The graveyard set is the next creepy item on our list. On Halloween, skulls and bones are perfect anywhere. They’re really good decoration items for tables, living rooms and bathrooms. Then, if you have interest in a more scary approach you’re going to need a shovel. First, dig a hole in your front yard, than place a tombstone nearby and put the skeleton figure crawling out of there. And the best part is that you don’t even need to pick up the shovel. You could just leave it there next to the whole or even place it in the hands of the skeleton. With this in mind, there are tons of ways to incorporate the skulls and bones in your haunted house project! So let the creativity flow. Click HERE to get skulls and bones and HERE to get graveyard tombstones! 

Fake blood


Adding fake blood can provide a nice touch to your house and costumes. An example of this is that you can feel inspired by Sam Smith’s songs add writings on the wall. Instead, if you decide not to make a mess of your house just put in a few plates and tableware. But if you’re looking for more gore approach we have a fake blood recipe for you. All you need is water, sugar, red food coloring and cocoa powder. Click HERE to get fake blood and HERE for one of the recipes!

Spider Web


The spider web is amazing to feel like a superhero, but unfortunately this is not our goal. The purpose with this item is to give objects and your home a look of a haunted house. Certainly, adding this in walls will grant you the perfect place to stick your plastic insects and bats. Be sure to try then out. Click HERE to get the spider web!

Witchcraft items

For the finishing touch, it’s always horrifying to see witchcraft items and related sorcerer decorations. So if you gather really old books, a cauldron, pentagram images and a few potions you’re sure to scare everybody. It’ll definitely scare the soul out of people. Just be careful not to summon an actual demon. Because if you do, you’ll probably gonna have to move out. Click HERE to get a cauldron!

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