GTA V Updates: Rumors And New Additions To The Game

Without a doubt GTA V has become one of the most relevant games of the decade. The game brought a unique story with three lead protagonists that you could switch among, both during and outside missions. Besides, Rockstar Games also developed GTA Online. And that is the main reason why the game is still played after 7 years of it’s release. So let’s check the latest news and rumors about GTA V Updates.

Online Content

Starting with it’s DLC. Rockstar Games successfully launched the Diamond Casino Heist and implemented crazy new features to the Online version since 2013. Developers keep adding new cars and other mechanics to keep the game interesting, and it works! Their latest announcement was the Open Wheel Racing Series DLC. This one promises fast vehicles and high speed racing where every decision you make matters. So make sure to grab your expansion now to start competing with Formula 1 cars!

New Artwok

A fan and former Rockstar insider Yan2295 posted on his twitter account this amazing artwork that Rockstar uploaded to their website. The thing is this artwork doesn’t match any of the company’s previous games styles. And that led to many interesting theories.

First, it could just be another GTA DLC that will feature some kind of female robot. But it could also be a GTA Vice City Remake. The bottle has the year 1998 on it. And that is the year of the foundation of Rockstar Games and also the period in which the game takes place. Others think it hints to an entire new sci-fi franchise. Which many fans hoped for. But the one theory that is getting the most hype is that the artwork could be related to GTA 6.

More to Come

Rockstar is definitely planning something and they’ll reveal it soon. But for now we can expect more Red Dead Redemption and GTA V updates. Besides, the company already stated that there is still much more to come in 2020. That means they’re looking forward to releasing more GTA DLC’s in the future. So get your savings in order! That way you won’t miss out on the new expansions.

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