RDR2 Collectors Map And Other Features

It’s no shock to anyone that Rockstar Games is a huge American video game publisher. The main reason for this is their success from two series that players just can’t get enough of. The first is the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise, aka GTA and the other is the Red Dead Redemption series. And, nowadays the company keeps on adding features to their recent RDR2 Online. So, without further ado, here are RDR2 Collectors map and other features you can find playing online.

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To Become a Collector

One of the most recent updates to RDR2 is the possibility to become a collector. In order to start things up you’ll first need to have 15 gold bars to spare. Once you’ve got them, you’re good to go. The first thing to do is open the map and look for the mission “To Become a Collector”. This will lead you to Madam Nazar and her traveling cart east of Annesburg. After a small cutscene she will offer you a job and try to sell the collectors bag to you for 15 golden bars. Purchase it and begin your Collector’s journey. Now you can get your RDR2 collectors map and start searching for items.

As a collector, you’ll get access to some weapons variants and a new set of tools by earning XP. These tools, such as the Refined Binoculars, Metal Detector and the Pennington Field Shovel will help you complete your searches for items. But that’s not all! Players will also learn new skills like “Divination” and “Potential”, that allows players to find items more easily. Besides, every time you tarot cards and other collectables, you can bring them to Madam Nazar. She will reward you but it’s not always easy to find her. The reason for this is because she’s a nomad. So you can find her in different places depending on the day. And there are a total of 12 places she can appear.

Other Occupations

But if you don’t want to be a collector or you got tired of the exploration there are more roles for you to check it out. They all cost the same to begin (15 gold bars) but are very unique. First there is the Bounty Hunter. That role unlocks lots of gun tricks, lasso skills and other items to help you get your bounty. Dead or alive.

Then, we got the Moonshiner. For this role you’ll first need to be a rank 5 trader. So it’s a little more complicated. But when you actually make it, you’ll see it was worth the trouble. As a moonshiner, you can produce your booze and own a bar! And you can even hire a band to play there! Besides, there are still special items, skills and missions to unlock.

And last but not least we have the Trader. The trader is the path of the hunter. You can get goods to sell at your shop and improve your stew at camp. Aslo, enemy raids become less likely to happen.

Story Mode

Being a prequel to the 2010 game, RDR2 takes players to live like outlaws with the Dutch van der Linde gang. The game is set in 1899 and it marked the beginning of the end of the Wild West era. So, this title takes place 12 years before the events of the first game. The game provides an immersive experience of the Wild West and it has amazing views. Besides, you’ll be controlling a new character. His name is Arthur Morgan, one of Dutch oldest companions. With him you’ll explore the region, rob banks, hunt and flee from bounty hunters. And that’s not everything! With the current updates, the main story got more quests and interactions for you to try it out. So you’ll get plenty of hours of gameplay until you jump to the Online mode.

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PC Version

The original version of the game was released on October 26, 2018 but PC players only got access to it on November 2019. And that was six months after console owners got access to the Red Dead Online. A feature similar to GTA online that allows the player to interact with each other in the vast map of the game. And a huge game like this one will most likely demand a lot from your computer. So if you’re looking to get your copy of the game be aware that you might need to upgrade your PC a little in order to enjoy it.

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