6 Fashion Instagram Profiles Everyone Should Follow in 2019

If you’re into the fashion industry’s latest trends or just want to follow the best, most fabulous Instagram accounts featuring Outfits Of The Day (OOTD), it’s time to give your feed a good update. Checking these fashion bloggers is the best way to always stay up to date with the latest fashion trend and find a never-ending mine of fresh ideas for new looks. However, there are a ton of different gals and guys out there, and not every one of them is worth your time.

We’ve collected a great list of our favorite Instagram accounts you definitely want to follow in 2019 to be the fanciest, most chic personality among your friends. Let’s have a look.

Vera Wang

A very recent addition, the American eveningwear icon Vera Wang had made her Instagram account in October 2018. Known for her marvelous bridal gowns, her design also includes a lot of chich ready-to-wear clothes. Her latest collection was full of heavy, wooly drapes inspired by the Celtic tradition that really broke the fourth wall in terms of aesthetics. Her Instagram account is just as inspired as her glamorous ideas.

Selena Gomez

On the opposite side of the spectrum of Vera Wang, Selena Gomez sits on the throne of the most interesting Instagram accounts to follow. With over 140 million followers, Selena Gomez’s Instagram account is one of the most popular ones across the whole world. The famous pop star is more than just a singer, and she’s known for her down-to-earth personality that is often reflected in her dressing style. Her outfits are fashionable, yet something that everyone can relate to. Don’t be fooled by her “normal” appearance, though – she can easily dress up to look like a supermodel.

Fashion Jackson

Amy Jackson (Fashion Jackson) is a famous fashion blogger from Dallas who is known for her minimalist style. She can reimagine even the most classic clothing to create approachable yet sophisticated outfits, such as by pairing a pair of slim-fitting jeans with a vintage suede jacket and matching taupe-colored high heels. Definitely worth a look.

Excellent coats on irritated women

Steering a little bit on the comic side, this account is nonetheless as fashionable as it can get. Born as a meme, it was created after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took the Internet by storm with her excellent rust-colored Max Mara coat. Since then, this Instagram account has become a mean through which the world can appreciate how powerful a coat can be to communicate the immense inner strength of an angry woman.

Dumped Wife’s Revenge

When Dianne Laurance was dumped by her husband for a younger girl, she would have never imagined that her life could turn for the better because of that. She was able to get the most from the most unexpected situation by creating this highly inspirational account – and we can all agree that she got the last laugh. Other than for her positive message, Dianne’s Instagram account is worth following for her bold and sassy outfits that show how lively and energetic a woman can be no matter what life puts her through.

Conde Nasty

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Jerry Hall, Vogue Patterns 1975

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For those who love vintage dressing, sometimes there’s nothing more fashionable than the same dresses that have been worn back then. Conde Nasty is a curious Instagram account that is all about cool and stylish nostalgia. It’s an endless collection of unique images documenting the most original fashion ideas between the 60s and the 90s. It includes countless among the quirkiest outfits of the past, ranging from Bianca Jagger up to Grace Jones, Cher, Anjelica Huston, and Christy Turlington.


In our list of Instagram fashion accounts, you can find all kind of styles and personalities, and a little something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a boho-chic, a minimalist or a trendy style – they’re all here for you to follow!

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