2020 US Presidential Election: Super Tuesday Results

The first steps towards the 2020 US Presidential Election have been taken. Soon, the Super Tuesday results will come and this will start shaking things up. Names like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the favorites to represent the Democratic party. However, it’s too early to choose one or the other just yet. Besides, there is still a lot for them to do before we get to vote on Election Day. The Presidential Election will be on November 3, 2020.

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Super Tuesday

2020 us presidential election vote

Is a big day. Especially for the Democratic primary. That is because it’s the first steps in the direction of the Democratic National Convention. Furthermore, it is also the day that many states hold primaries or caucuses. And the big deal is that many of the key states hold their primaries on Super Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Republicans primaries are also being held but Donald Trump doesn’t have a single major competitor.

As for the results, Joe Biden successfully won 9 states, including Texas. So that puts him in front of all the others. But Bernie isn’t far behind, especially after he managed to win California. Under these circumstances, Biden is likely to become a candidate. But there is still a long way to go. Until June, more democratic primaries and caucuses will occur. So the outcome can still change.

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So how does one become president? Simple! The candidate needs to get at least 270 electoral votes in the Electoral College.

Electoral College

The Electoral College is a term for “electors”, who vote on behalf of the states for president. This gives greater weight to smaller states. Also, it makes presidential candidates search for a wider spread of votes form across the country.

In this system, each state has its own number of electors. And that number is the sum of its senators and representatives in the House. The number of senators for each state is the same. Everyone gets two. But the the number of representatives is proportional to the size of the state’s population. To summarize, a big state like California has 55 votes and a less populated one like Montana has only 3. So, in order to win the presidential election a candidate needs to win 270 electoral votes. That is, half of the total plus one.

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Trump for Re-election?

2020 us presidential election trump

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Even though the current US President Donald Trump has already shown interest in his re-election, he is not yet an official candidate. To get there Trump will need to get the majority of votes in the Republican National Convention. This event happens later on this year, between August 24 and 27. Once that happens, the most voted representative will be announced as the Republican candidate at the event.

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