Funko Presidents In The USA

Presidents’ Day is a memorable date that celebrates the life of America’s first President, George Washington. The holiday exists to remember his deeds and to teach about the history of independence. Besides, it is another historical moment to celebrate in February because there is also the Black History Month. But that’s not all! People also celebrate the life of other presidents such as Lincoln and Jefferson. And, interesting enough, Presidents’ Day doesn’t have a fixed date. Although Washington was born on February 22, 1732, we celebrate it on the third Monday of February. And the holiday itself has other names depending on the state you live in. It can be called George Washington’s Birthday. So there’s no better way to spend this federal holiday than to shop for some funko presidents.

The Funko POP is one the most popular names when it comes to collectable toys. They made a model that can be turned into any kind of character. So that means there is definitely one you’ll like. Recently, they started to make some collections sets about iconic figures. And thus the American History Set was born. This particular set honors some of the most influential and memorable american figures. And the best part is that you can find them at Walmart with UP TO 16.1% Walmart cash back. With that said, let’s get to some funko presidents you can shop right now!

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Donald Trump

Funko Presidents - Get Donald Trump Funko POP President At Walmart And Have UP TO 16% Walmart Cash Back

The first funko on our list is our current president, Donald Trump. This funko was made for the 2016 presidential campaign. That means it is ready to start building walls and make America great again. And whether you’re a Trump supporter or not you gotta admit that this vinyl figure looks good. Even though it doesn’t actually look like the guy.

Ronald Reagan

Up next we have Ronald Reagan. A man that started his career as a sports commentator and then became a movie star. Later, he turned to politics and was elected governor of California in 1966 and US president in 1980. Nonetheless, Reagan was re-elected in both cases and held an approval rating of 68% when he left office. Surprily high numbers if you take into consideration that it’s the highest approval rating tied with Roosevelt and Clinton in the modern era.

Jimmy Carter

Part of the Democratic Party, Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976. He soon became an example in human rights and successfully helped many across the globe. Later, he became the founder of the Carter Center which helps people fight diseases and build dialogue through democracy. In 2002 Carter got the Nobel Peace Prize and as an artist he won 3 Grammy awards. Last but not least, his funko appears holding a bag of nuts from his peanut farm.

John F. Kennedy

Harvard graduate and Pulitzer prize winner JFK is also a funko pop. John F. Kennedy was born into politics, in a very powerful and wealthy family. He served as president during the peak of the Cold War. So most of his actions were focused on relations between the Soviet Union and Cuba. His funko replicates his traditional stance and clothes. The only thing missing is his very characteristic smile. But adding that would be unfair with the other funko presidents.

Abraham Lincoln

Considered by many as the greatest American President, Abraham Lincoln educated himself and became a lawyer. He then served as president during the American Civil War and led the United States through its greatest moral crisis. During his time as president he successfully abolished slavery, strengthened the government and modernized the economy. Besides, he gave one of the greatest speeches of all time at Gettysburg Address in 1863. His funko has many remarkable details. From the clothes and hat to its beard and expression. Not to mention the spot on its right cheek.

George Washington


There would not be a Presidents’ Day if it wasn’t for George Washington. The very first American President and one of the Founding Fathers. Washington faced many challenges and fought in the War of Independence. He also presided at the Constitutional Convention and established the U.S. Constitution. His government was strong and well-financed! But his greatest achievement was to remain impartial in a fierce rivalry between cabinet members Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Maybe that’s why he had white hair. Besides, he is also known for his Farewell Address.

Benjamin Franklin


As we get to the end there are some honorable mentions. The first one is Benjamin Franklin. He was the 6th President of Pennsylvania and was the man responsible for the discovery of electricity. Franklin also helped found the University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia’s first fire department. And even though he didn’t become President as many of the others Founding Fathers, Franklin managed something else. His face is printed on the one hundred dollar bill. So that counts for something!

Coriolanus Snow


Our final funko president is a fictional one. President Snow is the leader of Panem and was a tyrannical ruler. Snow is the main antagonist in the Hunger Games Trilogy and his objective was to control all 12 Districts. Many of his deeds ended up badly and those who crossed his way were not forgiven. He served as president for many years and he had a brilliant mind.

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