5 Reasons Why Versace Is Revolutionary

Versace is one of the most iconic brands in the world. Thanks to Gianni and Donatella Versace, the fashion industry has become much more than just clothes. In this post, we will tell you how Versace completely changed the fashion industry. Check this out!


Gianni Versace And His Supermodels

Gianni Versace brought models to another level. He helped to create the image of supermodels by transforming them in a central point of his catwalks. At the end of his Fall 1991 Show, the supermodels started to sing “Freedom! 90”, from George Michael. And that was just spectacular. In other words, that moment transformed the runway in a place of culture and art performance. So, if you follow any supermodel on Instagram, remember that it all started with Gianni. And Naomi, Carla Bruni, and others, back in 1990, when models became celebrities.

Pop Culture

Lady Gaga For Versace

Gianni Versace helped to match fashion and pop culture. He not only transformed models in supermodels and icons. He went beyond. Gianni was responsible for many of Michael Jackson’s outfits on and out of the stage. Besides, Gianni was a real fan of Warhol, using pop and modern art as a big influence on his creations. Gianni was one of the first designers to really understand how celebrities was important to the fashion industry. Today, his sister Donatella continues to improve Gianni’s work in pop culture. For instance, Lady Gaga was part of Versace’s campaign and even wrote a song called “Donatella”. Amazing! 


Elizabeth Hurley With Versace

Versace’s clothes celebrate women’s bodies. Many celebrities had the chance to use amazing clothes that reveal their body in a very powerful and original way. One of the most iconic Versace’s dresses were the safety-pin dress. Elizabeth H. wore the dress at a movie premiere with Hugh Grant in 1994. That outfit got so famous that it even has his own Wikipedia page. But not everybody loved it. Some people said that the dress was too sexy. But Liz replied that Versace’s dress was made to celebrate women’s body and not to hide them.


90's Campaign

Now you know that Gianni loved supermodels and women’s body. And he used those passions in Versace’s campaigns. Working with his favorites supermodels. And the photographers Richard Avedon and Steven Meisel, Versace’s campaigns were amazing. Versace’s 90’s campaigns are still the main references to several fashion campaigns even today. 


Santo, Donatella And Gianni

Gianni Versace was really an icon that left us in a very tragic way. He was murder in 1997 right in front of his house. But his sister Donatella handled to endure Gianni’s legacy. So, Versace continues to be an iconic brand thanks to Donatella’s work. Only three months after her brother’s death, she made her first solo runway. And it was a huge success, having at the front seat names like Miuccia Prada and Armani. Let’s agree that she probably had to deal with a lot of pressure and comparisons. But she could not have done better. Diva!

It’s true that before Versace, fashion was only clothes. It’s really common for us to think that fashion, celebrities, pop culture and entertainment were always together. But that’s not true.  Supermodels and celebrities were a big part of Versace’s legacy. And still, are. Thanks to Donatella, the brand is still making history.

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