5 Reasons To Watch American Crime Story: The assassination of Gianni Versace NOW!

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace is an FX series, available at Netflix. The TV show is about the assassination of the stylist Gianni Versace. But that’s just a part of it. This American Crime Story is definitely a must-watch piece that goes way beyond the Versace’s assassination. And I will explain why by giving you five amazing reasons to watch it. Check this out! 

It’s based on a real story

Book Cover: Vulgar Favors

The American Crime Story of Gianni Versace murder is true. He was really shot in front of his house in 1997. And the shooter was the young Andrew Cunanan. The series is based on the book “Vulgar Favors” written by Maureen Orth. And you may be thinking that Maureen wrote this book to cover the assassination of Gianni. But not really. Months before Versace’s murder, Maureen was already investigating Andrew for Vanity Fair. She wrote the book based on interviews and police reports. So, yes, the most part of what you’re going to watch about Cunanan is real. Sometimes real life beats fiction.

Gianni Versace is not the main character. And that’s good.

Versace is not the main character here. The focus of the show is Andrew Cunanan, the killer of Gianni. Cunanan was a gigolo who became an outlaw after killing five men. Including the most famous one, Versace. Among his victims were also his ex-boyfriend and a millionaire client. However, Cunanan was not only a killer. He was a very intelligent and devious young man who was obsessed with Gianni. He searched deeply through all aspects of the stylist life. All of this in order to create a character that would fit into his luxury life. Just to kill him afterward.

Amazing actors are on it

American Crime Story: Penelope Cruz as Donatella

The actor Darren Criss plays the killer Andrew Cunanan in the series. And he nailed it. For this role, he received an Emmy and Golden Globe awards. And Penelope Cruz is also on the show. She plays Donatella Versace. To you have an ideia how great it was, Penelope had to change her hair and even her lips. Not to mention the accent. But that’s totally worth it. Penelope is amazing as Donatella. She even got Donatella’s blessing to play the role. And that’s not all. Ricky Martin is on the series too, playing Antonio, Gianni’s boyfriend.

Talks about homophobia

American Crime Story: Magazine 1997

Homophobia is a really important topic present in the series. It shows in a very sensitive way Versace’s struggle to assume his homosexuality. He feared that his career was going to collapse if he came out. The series also shows institutionalized homophobia. Many people still get confused about how an FBI’s most wanted who was not hiding manage to escape so easily. In other words, maybe the assassination of some gay men was not a priority to the police at the time. A very important topic to consider. No doubts about that.

Won 2 Emmy Awards

American Crime Story: Magazine Cover

The Assassination of Gianni Versace won two Emmys for Outstanding Casting and Outstanding Contemporary Costumes. The series also won the trophy for Outstanding Limited Series. Among the nominations was Best Movie/Mini Picture Editing for the episodes “Alone,” “House by the Lake” and “Manhunt”. And Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actress and Actors for Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez, Ricky Martin, Finn Wittrock, and Judith Light. 

So, now you know that this American Crime Story is a complex real story with amazing actors. And you have to watch it NOW! Not only for Versace fan’s, but this series is also for everyone. If you like sensible themes and, of course, a good criminal history, this TV show is all for you.

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