Your Trendiest Night-Out Makeup Looks

We all know how much makeup can greatly enhance the beauty of any woman, making you shine and catch anyone else’s attention with your luscious lips and glossy curly eyelashes. When you’re going out at night, the right makeup is the perfect choice to make you appear even more flirty, playful and mesmerizing.

Whether you’re a fan of “au natureil” looks, a Kim Kardashian’s look-alike with tons of smoky eyes makeup, or if you just prefer a wipe of eyeliner and a few coats of mascara to improve your neutral look, here are a few tips for the trendiest night-out makeup looks.


Choose the right mascara


When men are asked what’s the first thing the watch in women, most of them will promptly answer: “the eyes.” Mascara is great to make your eyes appear bigger, provided you find the right formula that’s more appropriate for your lashes types and your desired final effect.

You should keep attention to choose the mascara type that best suits your own type of lashes. Curly lashes tend to clutter a lot with more dense mascara, while longer lashes are best matched with volumizing mascaras. Short lashes usually require lengthening mascara, while colored mascara should be paired with your eyes color to accentuate them (such as purple mascara with brown or hazel eyes, and blue or turquoise mascara for blue or green eyes).


Clean Natural look


If you’re a fan of the natural, no-makeup looks, you know very well how much a heavy makeup can make you feel caddish and vulgar. Using less than half a pound of each product is also good for your skin, and with the right skin type, you can get the best out of your otherwise flawless complexion with nothing but a few touches here and there.

However, a fresh, natural makeup still requires some attention, starting from your brows which must be exquisitely groomed with a good gel. Throw in a defining and lengthening mascara, a muted pink-nude lipstick and an incredibly precise line of black liquid liner on the upper lids, and the job is done!


A wonderful peachy look


If you think that orange-colored eye shadows are for grannies – well, just have a look at Emily Ratajkowski’s monochromatic makeup at the Golden Globes, and you’ll change your mind. The orange look can be super sexy if you avoid saturation, and keep everything sheer by blending the shadow into a wash of color across the eyes.

Try using all your shades of peach and apricot on your lips, eyes, and cheeks, keeping these last ones sculpted with a muted peach blush. Add a coating of coral lipstick, and you’re going to be so beautiful that everyone won’t even recognize you (in a good way).


The Nighttime Lip


On the opposite spectrum of the fresh, no-makeup look we have this extremely sensual provocative hue to slick on before a sexy date. Service your lips with vibrant colors and match the color with the right pencil to and filling in the mouth. All the other colors must be chosen accordingly – you must go for a deep brown over a lighter hue for the outer corner of the eyes, and top lids with a dark violet or shimmery gold shadow.



Even if you finally found your preferred night-out look, do not forget that applying your makeup the right way is as important as finding the right one! Nothing speaks more loudly about shabby and unkempt than a carelessly applied makeup.

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