World Health Day

World Health Day

Think quick about three things that come to your mind when you read the word HEALTH.

Work out, eat clean, read, meditate, find balance and so on. I bet you thought about (at least) one of these. But I’m sure you didn’t even consider this one: depression. And this is exactly the theme of 2017 World Health Day.

Depression is a modern disease, identified as one in the early 80’s. It may happen to people of all ages, all nationalities and with different lifestyles. Though it’s not easy to diagnose and treat, some actions can be taken to prevent depression.

Engaging with art can help a lot. Thousands of people would love to be involved with some kind of art but have no idea of how to start. Here are some quick tips to take the first steps to release the artist within you:

Play an Instrument

Besides all the fun, learning how to play an instrument helps to improve your memory, enhances your coordination, teaches you perseverance and promotes your social skills – among many other benefits! So don’t waste more time! Take a look at Guitar Center or Musician’s Friend, pick your favorite instrument and start to play!

Start Writing

Writing a romance, getting involved with the poetry world or just letting your imagination flow through a piece of paper. Whatever your reason is, just start. By trying to creative writing you develop critical thinking, improve vocabulary skills and promote creativity. We recommend a research about the theme first. Take a look at Barnes & Noble’s books and go get your Moleskine to start writing your best-seller 😉

Paint a Picture

Literally. A few brushes, ink and a canvas – or a piece of paper – and you’re ready to make your own art. No idea of what to paint? Why not starting with your house, a garden, your children or an object you appreciate? If you want to take a step forward, search for painting techniques on AbeBooks and shop your material at Walmart! Then, use to frame your masterpiece!

Move Your Body

Taking care of your health is also about moving your body. And if there are lots of fun involved, it’s so much better!
So if you like to listen to some good music and dance: this one is for you. The benefits of dancing include weight management, stronger bones, better agility, coordination, flexibility and many other benefits! So grab your dancing outfit at Sweaty Betty, Macy’s or Forever 21 and create your own choreography!

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