5 Reasons Why Vitamin C Serums Are Life-Changing

There are a lot of beauty products that claim to improve your skin at the stores, however they usually focus on only one solution. Now this problem is solved! There’s no need to spend a lot of money on many products anymore and vitamin C serums are a key for that.

Vitamin C serums are getting popular all around the world and there’s no doubt they are the beauty bloggers favorite trend for all the things they can do to the skin. Vitamin C has many essential properties for our face and body. But shy serums? They are different from moisturizers because of their higher vitamin C concentration, what makes it more effective and helps getting better results.

If you’re looking for a product simple to use, that can help your skin feel healthy, smooth, even and glowy then you should add Vitamin C Serum on your daily skincare routine! Here’s 5 reasons why vitamin C serums are life-changing.

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Younger Appearance With collagen 

Avoiding wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging is such a benefit! Vitamin C stimulates collagen production which slows with age. By increasing the skin’s ability to make collagen, vitamin C helps soften fine lines and wrinkles that appear as the years go by and prevent the ones that may come. 

Vitamin C Makes Skin Tone Evened

Melasma, acne marks, sun and aging spots are a big issue for many people. Applying Vitamin C on skin will help fade those dark spots by preventing melanin production. The serum is used to make skin tone even without altering normal skin pigmentation. 

Protection Against Sun Damage

All those tanning days may get you some signs of damage. This powerful antioxidant can protect your skin cells from the UV rays. It also helps with sunburns and minimizes redness by accelerating the replacement of damaged cells after those beach or lake weekends that you may forget your sunscreen. It doesn’t work as a sunscreen, but it can boost the it’s work on your day to day application. 

Helps Hydrating Skin

No more dry skin! If you’ve tried some moisturizers and cremes and it never really worked, vitamin C serum is the solution. You should use it before applying your moisturizer: take a few drops and massage it gently on your face and neck. You can do it once or twice a day. It has the right concentration of vitamins that your body really needs to have a smoother and brighter appearance. 

Prevent Acne And Marks 

As all of this was not enough, vitamin C is also anti-inflammatory and can reduce the redness acne may cause. It helps improve skin health but remember to test the serum on a small area of your body before using it, especially if you have easily irritated skin. 

This vitamin is a key beauty product to have and now we can see why it is life changing. They are formulated and infused to be gentle enough for everyday use, so go get yours as soon as possible! Sephora’s got many options to you and we selected the top rated ones if you’re in doubt which to choose. 

Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C + 10% AHA

If you’re looking for a refreshing serum, you just found it! This vegan serum has 20% Vitamin C concentration which has an even better result on brightening and smoothing skin.  It also has a 10% Mild Fruit AHAs, what makes it smell nice. This one is a great shield against dark spots and dullness. 

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum

With over 150k loves on Sephora’s website, Drunk Elephant C-Firma is a hit on skincare routine. Made for all types of skin, this is the solution for uneven skin tone and signs of age. Its powerful antioxidant complex helps improve skin and as with all Drunk Elephant products, it’s free from artificial chemicals and fragrances.

Olehenriksen Truth Serum

Vitamin C Olehnriksen

This one is the favorite of them all. This fast-absorbing vitamin C serum has got all the reasons we mentioned: brightens, firms, fights visible signs of aging and hydrates skin. Can it get better? Yes! Made with orange and green tea extracts it has an energizing aroma and a soft texture that will make you look fabulous all day. 

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