19 Reasons To Buy Ultraboost 19

One of the most epic running shoes just got a new version and they’re available for sale right now! All runners of the world were expecting to wear the newest version of Adidas Ultraboost since the beginning of the year. Well, the German brand just lunched the Ultraboost 19 and now there is a buzz around runners community. If you still don’t know how this is so huge, prepare for these 19 reasons to buy Ultraboost 19 right now!

1. Approved By Runners

Ultra Boost 19 - Runners Love It

Runners love it a lot. Besides, it’s common to find a lot of runners wearing Ultraboost in marathons and other running contests.

2. It’s Revolutionary

Adidas claims that Ultra Boost is the greatest running shoes ever. The sneakers exceeded running kicks’ standards due to the revolutionary boost technology.

3. Innovation

Not to mention that this technology is one of the most game-changing innovations of shoes market.

4. Performance

Boost technology brings a guaranteed good performance to the runner practice. That is said because of the mix of three of Adidas main technologies. Primeknit, Boost and Torsion. It was the first time that the company did that.

5. Durability

Since it’s a shoe that is built to perform, the durability is one of the top reasons to have it all. You’ll have a good pal for your feet through a long time.

6. Design

Because of its outside of the box thinking, Ultraboost had a world-class athlete training look a like in terms of testing and research. All of the failures resulted to a final design that printed an unique mark to the shoes.

7. Stylish

For some runners, the design is just important if it results on a good performance. However, there are people that count with sneakers aesthetics. So, if you want to get stylish when running, Ultraboost is a must have!

8. Every Occasion

The world is free and if you don’t run, but love the shoe. It’s all yours. Feel free to purchase it. Everybody knows that it’s a beautiful shoe. And this is so valid for the daily usage as well.

9. It’s Light

It has 11 ounces at size 9 of men’s model and 9 ounces at size 7 of women’s model.

10. Fair Price

This means that you can have a top of line sneakers for only $180. And don’t forget about the many coupons and deals you can find to buy Adidas products. You can even decrease the price and save money by using them.

11. Culturally Relevant

“We designed the adidas Ultraboost to be the best running shoe ever, but at the same time, we designed it to be culturally relevant – the best innovation is nothing without cultural relevance.”

Matthias Amm, adidas Running’s product director.

12. Comfort

Ultraboost 19 improved the famous comfort. Now the confidence to take on anything is so much higher.

13. It’s Responsive

It’s a responsive running shoes with an adaptive knit upper that has a second-skin fit and is built motion-weave technology for adaptive stretch and support.

14. New Colorways Pack

Ultraboost 19 - New Colorways

There are new different colors combination on this 19 edition. A nice add-on for those who have older versions and like to use both, new and old in different days.

15. Endless Energy

It’s brings an unrivaled energy return and gives you responsiveness propel to go forward with every step.

16. Engineered Fit

Ultraboost 19 provides a smooth transition from heel to toe. The Adidas Primeknit 360 upper technology offers a nice fit that expands and supports while you move through each stride.

17. Torsion Spring Factor

The famous Torsion Spring is well embedded in the mid-sole. What immediately provides support during landing and propulsion at toe-off.

18. Dual-Density Cushioning

Ultraboost 19 is light, however, its dual-density cushioning delivers a medial support and the energized ride.

19. It’s Adidas, Baby!

Ultraboost 19 it’s all Adidas, though. The company’s name says it all. Don’t waste time and buy your Ultraboost right now. If you purchase it through Lemoney you can get UP TO 15% Turbo Cash Back. Get the coupon right here below.


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