Top 6 Accessories Everyone Should Own

A proper dress code can speak volumes about your self-confidence and projects a better image of yourself to people around you. Choosing the right accessories can go a long way towards boosting your charisma.

Other than the basic clothes such as trousers, shirts, and jackets, even just a pair of fancy shoes or a nice-looking wristwatch can draw a lot of attention and should be carefully chosen. Let’s look at the accessories that really matter to increase your charisma with your peers and colleagues.


Shoes, boots, and sandals


A pair of good shoes is often the first accessory that other people see. You should choose those that fit with your outfit – if you’re wearing formal clothes, a pair of cowboy boots may look totally out of place. However, you should also be mindful about keeping your shoes in mint condition. Even the most expensive leather loafer will make a terrible impression if it’s old, stained, and unkempt.




A nice watch sitting on your wrist will catch a lot of attention, and checking time by looking at it is much cooler than grabbing your smartphone to tell what time it is. Watches can also subtly tell other people about your interests – if you’re a quirky nerd, try choosing a gadget-based one rather than a sporty or label design one. Obviously, the wristband must be paired with your clothes color and style.




Jewels are not exclusively for women – there are a lot of men’s jewels that matter when you want to dress to impress. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants can be worn if they’re decent and light enough to add a point of light to your clothing without being vulgar. Silver is usually less showy than gold and is thus preferable in business settings, but if you saw something that is classy enough, go for it regardless of metal type.




Belts and belt buckles are an essential addition to your clothes. However, many people simply buy a generic belt that looks as anonymous as possible in order to avoid grabbing too much attention towards it. This is not necessarily a good choice.

A smart or casual belt can be a nice addition to otherwise extremely formal attires, as well as an expensive one can look so much better than a cheap leather one. Looking different can help you in a lot of ways, just don’t overdo with showy or distasteful buckles.


Ties and cufflinks


A tie can be one of the first things other people may look at when they land their eyes on you. Loud ties with busy patterns may look ugly, while a traditional solid color tie may be boring and generic. Stripe ties with burgundy or navy colors are always a safe bet, especially if you match them with a carefully chosen pair of cufflinks.

Cufflinks, on the other hand, should not be too much eccentric, and a classic oval, squares, and circles will always look as classy and stylish as possible.




Bags are often necessary to take papers and documents with us, so why not choosing a nice one that makes us look better when we carry it around? A bag can make a flashy first impression when you put it down on a chair next to you – it’s literally a style statement, especially for men.



The right set of accessories can help your business life in a lot of ways. You can land that important gig, increase your chances to secure a deal with a client, and help you make a great first impression. You should choose them carefully!

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