Top 5 Thanksgiving Moments From "Friends"

Top 5 Thanksgiving Moments From "Friends"

Friends ran for ten years. During all the time, there were a lot of holidays, which means there were also a lot of holiday episodes. Some of the best and funniest moments happened during these special episodes, too. Since Turkey Day is just around the corner, we bring you 5 of the best Thanksgiving moments from the show:

When Monica makes a turkey dance

In “The One With All the Thanksgivings”, everybody talks about their worst Thanksgiving ever. Chandler finds out Monica was involved in his. Then she tries to make up for it, which leads to one of the top Thanksgiving moments from the show.

When everybody’s late to dinner

In “The One With the Late Thanksgiving”, the friends convince Monica to throw a Thanksgiving dinner. But then they all get there late and Monica and Chandler punish them and their floating heads.

When Chandler is in a box

Chandler tells Joey he kissed his girlfriend in “The One With Chandler in a Box”. To prove he is truly sorry, he voluntarily stays inside a wooden box in silence for six hours to think about what he has done.

When everybody spills the beans

Jack and Judy Geller have Thanksgiving in Monica’s apartment in “The One Where Ross Got High”. Monica makes the dinner, Rachel makes an interesting dessert and the whole day builds up to a lightning round of confessions that would make anyone get dizzy.

When Joey eats a whole turkey

In “The One With the Rumor”, Monica invites a high school friend over for Thanksgiving. But he has a very restrictive diet, Phoebe is a vegetarian, Rachel is pregnant and not eating poultry and Chandler doesn’t eat Thanksgiving food. So Joey convinces her to make a whole turkey just for him.

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