Top 5 Destinations in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a place full of energy and adventures, and one of the most beautiful places in the world. You will need a lifetime to explore all this region’s wonders, so if you want to plan a vacation, you definitely need to know your destinations beforehand.

We’re drilling down into the top hotspots in the Caribbean, choosing the most accessible beaches, the cities with the most comfortable accommodations, and the most affordable destinations. Wait no more, and have a look at the richest, most amazing places in this unique region.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for all American travelers who want to experience the Caribbean without dealing with the many issues of international travel. This island offers the perfect amount of tranquility in San Juan, a beautiful city full of Spanish colonial buildings and shopping plazas. But if you want to enjoy the fun of the rum-soaked nightlife, Puerto Rico is still the place to go!


Everybody knows Jamaica and the relaxed lifestyle enjoyed by its inhabitants. Aptly named “the land of wood and water” this regions’ forests are perfect for adventure lovers and hikers. Montego Bay is perfect for shopping and wandering around, while fans of nightlife and reggae must go dance at one of the authentic music clubs of Kingston. If you want to spend some time relaxing instead, go for Ocho Rios. What’s better than stretching out your back in a hot patch of Jamaican sun?


Barbados offers all the standard Caribbean staples that made these island so famous – verdant golf courses, duty-free shopping plazas, white sandy beaches, and unique wildlife. However, Barbados is much more than this. Dance to the mesmerizing rhythm of a calypso song after you tasted the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum. Explore limestone caves and enjoy the breath-taking lush landscapes. Spend your time having fun with some of the old-school British traditions that still characterize this place such as horse races, cricket, and polo matches. And don’t forget to visit the spectacular beaches of Carlisle Bay, Bathsheba Beach, and Dover Beach.

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago cannot be more different. The bustling Trinidad is full of diversity and cultural eclecticism. Wealthy and frenetic, it’s the best place to have fun, spend a night dancing limbo or enjoy the high volume of its Carnival parties in February. Tobago, on the other hand, is a relaxing and sleepy island rich in natural wonders and heavenly sights. Its pristine shores are known for their beauty and variety and are the perfect choice if you prefer a romantic place over a crowded one.


Guadeloupe is one of the best destinations for those who want an affordable place that doesn’t force a tourist to break the bank. Many of this island’s attractions are, in fact, free, including the cozy Pointe-á-Pitre neighborhood, the imposing La Soufrière volcano, and the wondrous National Guadeloupe Park. Enjoy your trip by visiting remote sugar plantations and centuries-old distilleries, or spending a day or two on one of its sparkling black-sand beaches. Just plan to book flights in advance since getting here can be somewhat difficult, especially during the busy season.


Every island in the Caribbean is a unique and luxurious destination. Many of these places can also be visited for pennies on the dollar thanks to perks such as deals on hotels and free beach access. Treat yourself to some umbrella drinks end enjoy one of the most relaxing regions on earth!

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