Top 5 Best Wines To Drink This Fall

Fall it’s really an amazing season. But it can get even better with a good glass of wine. Thinking about that, we separated the best wines to enjoy during the fall. You’ll see perfect wines to chill alone at home or to serve during a Halloween party. Your ideal fall wine is definitely on this list. So, get ready to enjoy warm sunny days and cool nights tasting the perfect wine.

El Enemigo Bonarda 2015

best fall wines  Bonarda 2015

Bonarda is not a very know grape. But that’s just a matter of time. Bonarda is a very popular grape type in Argentina, especially in Mendoza. And is becoming popular throughout the world. The wines produced from this type of grape are just perfect for fall. El Enemigo Bonarda 2015 has a rich and complex nose and notes of fresh and aromatic herbs. Also, you can harmonize this amazing wine with red pasta, risottos, and grilled meats. Enjoy! 

Borsao Garnacha Rosado 2018

best fall wines Borsao 2018

This amazing Borsao Garnacha Rosado 2018  is the perfect wine for any season. But due to its well-balanced acidity and its spices nuances, this delicious rosé will taste even better during fall. This wine is produced in a region known as The Garnacha land of Spain. Garnacha is one of the most produced grape types in the world. Most commonly in Spain and France. It’s perfect to be combined with fresh salads, cheeses like brie and grilled salmon. To sum up, you have to try it! 

Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Napa Valley

Now here’s one perfect bottle for red wine lovers. Napa Valley is an incredible cabernet sauvignon that has an amazing fruit intensity and gentle oak notes. So, if you think about an intense nightfall with friends and family, Napa Valley is the right wine for you. It’s the ideal wine to combine with sausage and hard cheeses. 

Estate Shiraz Barossa

Estate Shiraz Barossa

If you never thought about taste an Australian wine, here’s your chance. And Estate Shiraz Barossa is the best way to do it. This amazing Australian wine has a blackberry and black cherry notes. Perfect to harmonize with hard cheeses like Grana Padano and pecorino. Not to mention that goes really good with red meat. So, this fall, you will have a great time chilling with a bottle of Shiraz. Heaven. 

Meerlust Rubicon 2015

Rubicon 2015

A really good Bordeaux is a must-have bottle in any wine list. Especially when we are talking about the fall season. Meerlust Rubicon 2015 has dark bramble fruit, cassis, plum, incense, and liquorice noesis. Not to mention that it’s a perfect cabernet sauvignon and merlot blend. And it goes really well with mushrooms and lamb. 

Now you already know that fall is a really nice season to taste some incredible wines. You can enjoy a really nice time drinking a familiar Cabernet Sauvignon or a Bordeaux. But you can also surprise your friends with less familiar grapes like Shiraz and Garnacha. It doesn’t matter which one you’re going to choose. They are all available with UP 24% Turbo Cash Back at Lemoney. Enjoy, Wine Access, and other wine stores to buy your favorite bottle.  Cheers! 

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