The Most Fabulous Trending Fashion You Must Be Sure To Follow In 2019

As the days become warmer, it’s time to change our wardrobe and get ready for the upcoming spring/summer season fashion trends.

The “female empowerment” trend has seemingly hit the world of fashion like a truck this year, and it’s no surprise that all this feminine energy can be literally felt through all the new collections and ideas. With diversity and inclusion being also the most important topics on the radar, it’s nothing less than exciting to find out what the runways have in store for us for this 2019.

So let’s stop pondering what our summer wardrobes will look like in 2019 and let’s dive in what fashion has in store for us.

Tortoiseshell Earrings

Tortoiseshell Earrings were the thing back in the 90s, and they seem to be a more than welcome return this year. Both minimalist and extravagant at the same type, they preserved all that seductive vintage lush intact across almost three decades.

They’re a surefire to bring any outfit to the next level, add color to a monochromatic ensemble, or empower the color of textured one. Nobody should be surprised to know that Pinterest records a 679% increase in searches for “tortoise earrings,” in fact!


One of the cornerstones of this season’s boho-chic style, the tie-dye was already the thing back in summer 2018 and is making a big comeback this year. Floral dresses are always welcome when the sun is high, as they can be really sensual. The most kaleidoscopic versions layer tie-dye over florals to bring the best out of every liberated woman who wants to feel as free as these hippy dresses are.

Bamboo bags

Bamboo bags are a new trend that comes as the direct evolution of 2018’s obsession with straw bags. These woven-style bags are as sunny and fresh as they can be, and they’re the perfect match for everything that you plan to wear during the summer season. Simple and natural, the stunning look of these wooden purses is a clear message that you’re an eco-friendly personality and will look great with any tribal-inspired dress.

Statement Sneakers

Statement Sneakers are inarguably the go-to status symbol for 2019. They have replaced luxury handbags as celebrities and fashion bloggers started using them as the most important accessory in any ensemble. Rare sneakers have become the most recognizable brand item you can showcase whether you’re a hardcore fan or if you just want to draw all attention on this recognizable status symbol.

Oversized Hats

Big people (metaphorically speaking) must wear big things, and oversized hats are just the accessory you need to make the difference. A favorite among many brands, some of these sources of portable shade already acquired a cult status such as the Jacquemus La Bomba hat. The best part about a wide brim hat is that it mixes style and sun protection in an easy-to-wear, surprisingly comfortable solution.


The last ’19 runways for the summer season boasted a wide variety of fishnet patterns in the form of crochet and macrame. Intricately-made, body-hugging knitted dresses will look sensual and unique enough to attract all attention. Mixed with elastic fibers to provide comfort and contour, macrame-based outfits have all the taste of salty Mediterranean winds.


The coming of a new season promises to be the perfect opportunity to change our style and follow the latest trends in fashion. Just pick up your favorite ones and don’t stop until you’re fabulous enough to leave everyone speechless with your jaw-dropping chic factor!

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