Bikini Day And The History Behind It!

Today, these little pieces of fabric are all over summer. But that was not always like this! The bikini history is revolutionary and broke many aspects of a conservative society. It gave the woman the right to show her body freely. Therefore, bikinis today are also related to body positivity.

But let’s start from the beginning, right? In this article, we will tell you the history behind bikinis. Also, why July 5th is the “National bikini day”. Let’s jump in!

1946: The bikini was born. 

In 1946, the fashion designer Jacques Heim and the engineer Louis Réard tried to create an innovative swimsuit. The name idea came from a nuclear test that took place Bikini, an atoll in the central Pacific Ocean.

In that same year, the French model and dancer Micheline Bernardini appeared at the Molitor Pool in Paris on July 5, 1946, with the two pieces swimsuit for the very first time!

Micheline Bernardini is part of the bikini history. Photo by Getty Images.
Micheline Bernardini. Photo by Getty Images.

1960: The acceptance. 

Micheline Bernardini, the first model to wear a bikini, was an exception. In other words, the majority of models refused to wear the bikini, saying it was too provocative.

The main problem was the belly button. That is to say, it could not be uncovered. Not to mention that, in Hollywood, the exhibition of the belly button in movies was forbidden since 1934.

But in 1960 things started to change. With the help of iconic figures like Brigitte Bardot, the bikini was slowly accepted and normalized. And that was the main change in bikini history.

Its popularity begins to increase in the ’70s and ’80s with the help of Hollywood. For example, who does not remember Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini in Star Wars? Amazing!

Actress Carrie Fisher poses on the beach for Star Wars in October 1983.
LOS ANGELES – OCTOBER 1983: Actress Carrie Fisher poses on the beach for Star Wars in October 1983 At Stinson Beach, California. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images).

Bikini And The Body Positive Era!

Today, bikinis are everywhere! They represent the women’s right to show her body, without fear!

However, the sexualization and objectification of women’s bodies are still very important topics. And they have to be fought.

In conclusion, let’s always remember: there are no such things as “bikini body”, every body is a bikini body!

The body-positive is an important movement that cherishes the body acceptance without the need to be thin or have a “model-like body”. All bodies are beautiful – and bikinis are for everyone!

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