The 10 Most Amazing Functions of Surface

In October 2018, after more than a year and a half since its last update, Microsoft refreshed its Surface Pro laptop/tablet hybrid. This time, Microsoft decided to go back to the classic black color variant, something we didn’t see since the first Surface Pro release five years ago. The update is not just cosmetic, though, as the Surface Pro 6 supports quad-core processors and has even an improved cooling system which may help increase battery life.
But let’s have a look at the most amazing functions of this next-gen product.

Super-quiet keyboard

Microsoft redesigned the Surface keyboard to make it as quiet as possible, to the point that now is literally inaudible. Other than being so quiet you can use it near a sleeping toddler with no risk of waking him up, the keyboard is very comfortable to use and backlit as well.

Adjustable pressure sensitivity

If you’re looking for maximum precision for your pen strokes, the Surface comes equipped with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity that you can tweak as much as you want. Just ask Cortana, and she’ll help you play with the slider until you find your perfect configuration for your stylus.

Take screenshots with the Surface Pen

The Surface Pen can be used to capture screenshots by double tapping on the button on its top. An easy-to-use and handy feature, you can also use it by holding down the Power button with the Volume Up key.

Accurate handwriting recognition tool

Nothing much to say here other than this tool is smart enough to recognize your scribbles even when you’re writing very fast. Particularly helpful when you don’t have much time, the Surface handwriting recognition software is one of the most accurate out there.

Detachable screen

Did you know you can detach the screen from the keyboard? Just click on the detach button on your keyboard, but be sure to wait for the “Ready to Detach” message before separating the screen. The best part is that the screen can be used without the rest of the device since it has its own autonomous battery.

Improved Battery life

We already mentioned the fact that the Surface Pro 6 enjoys a longer battery life than its predecessors. With 9 hours and 20 minutes of battery life, Microsoft’s new device surpasses almost every competitor such as the Thinkpad X1.

Full device encryption

In the unfortunate case that your device is stolen, you can still protect your data from theft. The Surface Pro 6 comes with full encryption to safeguard your privacy against unwanted attentions – truly a must-have in all new portable machines.

Improved Speed

According to Microsoft, the Surface Pro 6 is nearly 70 percent faster than the previous models, and not just because of the enhanced processor speed. Some additional tweaks helped provide the user with a sensation of speed, such as the instant-on feature combined with the much quicker Windows Hello facial recognition.

Stylish Surface Pro Type Cover

A must-have for those who do not want a pure tablet experience, the Surface Pro Type Covers come with soft Alcantara fabric. Available in platinum, cobalt, or burgundy colors, Alcantara is a grippy, durable, and eco-friendly material that will make your device even more stylish.


Some critics argue that the upgrade from the 2017 Surface isn’t worth its cost since it doesn’t add much. However, we can’t but think that with its sleek design and fantastic product value, the Surface Pro 6 still is the best Windows laptop hybrid money can buy.


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