Star Wars Episode IX: 9 Interesting Facts About The Movie

Star Wars Episode IX: 9 Interesting Facts About The Movie

Star Wars is an incredible universe filled with thrilling stories and exuberant creatures. It also has a large character roster that is interesting and unique in its own way. So now that the franchise will release the third movie of its third trilogy, we can’t wait to see how the story will come to an end. Moreover, in order to celebrate this finale we selected nine interesting facts about Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Let’s get to them!


To start our list, J.J. Abrams is returning to direct the final chapter in the saga, making him the second person to direct more than one Star Wars movie. The other person being is, no other than George Lucas himself, the creator of the franchise. This surprised many fans and since the announcement, the community reacted really well. Mostly because it made them wonder on how Abrams is going to answer some of the questions The Force Awakens brought us.

Time Jump


Unlike Episode VIII, that took place right after the events of The Force Awakens, Episode IX is set at least a year after The Last Jedi. With that said, we expect some development on key players like Finn, Paul, Rey and Kylo. This time skip is also a great opportunity for the Alliance to rise again, bringing new and old allies to take the fight to the First Order.

New Characters


Every movie in the franchise always introduce us to new faces. This last one will be no different. The droid BB-8 will have a tiny pal called D-0. But it is not the only new presence. Other interesting fresh characters are the scoundrel Zori Bliss and the tribe leader Jannah. So far not much information about them is available but it seems that Disney wants to continue to introduce strong female leads into the Star Wars universe.

Return of the Legends

Names such as Mark Hamill, James Earl Jones, Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee Williams will appear when the credit rolling. This Hollywood veterans will be reprising their roles in previous films. But they aren’t the only ones to return. In the trailers is possible to hear a remarkable laugh from a previous villain. The return of the emperor is eminent and it was confirmed by the director himself. And it let us thinking how Lord Sideous survived and what part will he play in this final act.

The Knights of Ren

Another thing we hope to see in The Rise of Skywalker are the Knights of Ren. A group of  skillful warriors led by the conflicted Kylo Ren. There were a few mentions to them, but they never got the chance to shine in the big screen. Fortunately, the director confirmed their presence in the movie. Not only that, but we also got a small glance at the group in one of the trailers. And although it got fans excited, it remains to be seen how relevant they will be in the main story.

Carrie Fisher

After the events of The Last Jedi, Leia Organa became the only surviving member of the original trio. That said, much was expected for this character. Sadly, the actress passed away in 2016 and this created a challenge for filmmakers to include her in Star Wars Episode IX. So, in order to avoid the use of CGI, the solution was to use unrevealed footage from The Force Awakens. J.J. Abrams said that despite the scenes with our favorite rebel general are old, it will feel like it was shot yesterday.   

9 out of 9

After nine films, two spin-offs, two animated series and an expansive literature universe, Star Wars can safely say that it has many characters. That said, due to the main storyline, some of them tend to appear more than others. The interesting thing here is that there are only 2 characters that appear in all nine episodes and, even though they’re relevant, they aren’t exactly human. The astromech R2 unit R2-D2 and the protocol droid C3PO are the only ones present in every episode. And that also makes Anthony Daniels (C3PO) the one actor that appeared in all of them. This is because the R2-D2 is actually a robot in the second and third trilogy.

The End?

It’s hard to say goodbye, but with Star Wars it’s never really over. An example of this is the Mandalorian series and the Kenobi spin-off movie that keeps fans wanting more. But Episode IX will not only bring the conclusion of Rey and Kylo’s story, but also the entire saga as a whole.

First Reviews

The movie premiered in LA on December 16th and the public was a little divided. There were those that loved it and others left with mixed feelings. But one thing they all agreed on is that Episode IX is packed with loads of action and it has a darker approach. Nonetheless, the film managed to provide hope with many emotional sequences.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker will hit the theaters on December 20th. Get your tickets now so you won’t miss the final chapter of the notorious 5 decade galactic franchise. And if you’re looking for your favorite Star Wars merchandise, check out eBay’s special thematic page here.

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