St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas For You To Try With Your Instant Pot

It’s almost time to celebrate the luckiest holiday of the year! So that means it’s time to start planning the holiday dishes. Traditionally, the most famous recipes in the US are the green cookies and beer. However, that’s not how the Irish make them. Although the colour green is used in clothes, it is just a symbol of the festivities. With this in mind, we selected a few traditional meals for you to try at home. So get ready to see St Patrick’s Day food ideas you can make with your instant pot.

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Corned Beef and Cabbage

With your instant pot in hands we can start with one of the fans favorite. This one always makes its presence on March 17th because it is delicious. Normally, it takes about two hours to prepare, but with the instant pot the time can be reduced in half. Besides, it is just as tasty as the ones prepared in the oven.

Irish Colcannon

Mashed potato is an absolute favorite. But the Irish Colcannon is a little different. The main ingredients are leeks, garlic, cabbages, kale and potatoes. And even though it has more steps than a regular mashed potato, the colcannon is just as easy to make.

Irish Soda Bread

st. patricks day food irish soda bread

An outstanding bread for raisins lovers. It is soft, delicious and is also easy to make. Besides, it goes incredibly well with the Irish Stew or the Beer Cheese Soup. So make sure you check this one out!

Irish Stew

st. patricks day food irish stew

Lamb, chicken, beef and pork. These are all the proteins you can use to make a divine Irish Stew. You can also change the recipe a little to your likings. For instance, adding bacon stripes could improve the taste to a whole new level.

Beer Cheese Soup

st. patricks day food beer cheese soup

Our final traditional St Patrick’s Day food recipe is the beer cheese soup. This magnificent bowl of cheese can warm your soul on the coldest day. Also it is extremely easy to make. Besides, you can add the beer and cheese you like most to turn it into an even more special meal.

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