Scholastic's Response To Coronavirus: Get Free Online Courses

The COVID-19 has made a giant impact in the lives of US citizens. From the lack of toilet paper to the risk of getting infected for going outside, the situation is intensifying quickly. The numbers continue to rise and we reached more than 3,500 confirmed cases. So, with the rise of coronavirus cases popping in the US, many schools and universities were forced to close doors. Also, according to The Washington Post, there are more than 32 million students at home due to the current situation. But don’t worry, if you’re staying with your kids at home, we have the solution for you. Scholastic’s response to coronavirus was to create the Learn At Home website.

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Learn at Home

As we said before, the Learn at Home is a website. In it, Scholastic developed online classes for children to continue their learning. And the best part is it is entirely free!

You can access the courses through the parent’s section and see the different lessons according to your child’s age. Besides, each one contains 15 to 20 days worth of activities and learning exercises for students who can no longer attend school. So it’s a great way to keep kids reading and growing. Therefore, we praise Scholastic’s response to coronavirus.

Right now there are already 5 days of lessons available to us!

Start to Learn At Home today!

Advisory Information

Homemade hand sanitizer recipe you can do in three small steps!

As time goes by it is important to know how the virus spreads and what we can do in order to prevent it. For this reason, search for reliable sources of information.

Check out the World Health Organization website.

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