Savings Talk

Savings Talk

Why do I have a landline?

If you take a few minutes to focus on this question, you’ll probably notice that it’s because you always had one.

This article will help you understand if you really need one – or if you’re just wasting money!

1. Cellphone vs. Landline

How many times did you use your landline in the previous month? If you use much more your cell phone for calls instead of your landline, maybe it’s time to get rid of this bill.

2. Savings vs. Safety

Some people say they have the landline to use in case of an emergency, for calling 911, for example. In this case, you should consider if you will have your cell phone (or some other emergency phone) at home – charged and easy to access – anytime. If so, ditching your landline is ok. But if you’re the kind of person who never knows where your cell phone is or who is always running out of battery, maybe having a landline is worth the cost.

3. Less is More

Totally cliché, but usually true. You may be paying a considerably big amount of money for extra services you’ll never use. Take a look at how much you pay for caller ID, all waiting and other features. Don’t need them? Spring cleaning includes your landline billing!

See? It’s possible that you are wasting money without even noticing. Small cuts mean a lot in your budget in a month or year count.

And you? Do you think a landline is worth paying?

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