Brooklyn, Here We Go. Lemoney Is A Best New Publisher Finalist At 2019 Golden Link Award

Miami, Florida – Lemoney’s office is pleased by the amazing last week news. The cashback and coupon startup is a finalist at the Golden Link Award 2019. The ceremony will take place on June 11th in the ballroom at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. The company is one of the 6 publishers that were nominated for Best New Publisher due to a solid work in giving the best experience to cashback users through innovation and dynamism. Both qualities that are part of Lemoney’s core since its foundation.

“It’s very good to be recognized on this important award. This is really a good thing for a company that has a team with less than 40 members and it is strongly competitive as other big companies in this market. Therefore, this is all about the compromise we build throughout our vision and mission, though. The team is extremely focused and united to provide the best reward platform where people can find the best option to make purchases quickly, efficiently and reliably so Lemoney can be top of mind in online shopping,” said Sergio Ferrari, Lemoney’s founder-CEO.

With an accurate and hard working squad that keeps all effort and resilience to accomplish each goal since its foundation, Lemoney continues to leaning towards to reach more achievements. And if new nominations come, they will be another reason to recognize the right direction that the company is going through.

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