PS4, Xbox Or Nintendo Switch: Which One Is Better To Buy On Black Friday

PS4, Xbox Or Nintendo Switch: Which One Is Better To Buy On Black Friday

The Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year for electronic items! For this reason, many players are eager to see discounts and promotions on their favorite consoles, games and accessories. That said, if you’re looking for a new console or want to choose your very first one, we can help you. Below we discuss each one. That way you can find the best console to buy on this Black Friday: PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Xbox One

The Xbox One series is a hit. Its overall specs are great and they can run all types of games in high resolution. Their powerhouse performance ensures hours of fun and a smooth gaming experience, and here is why. First, the One S is available in an all digital access and that helps save some money. Second, you can buy them in bundles that include one or more games. Not only that, but you can also get access to the Xbox online community for a year. Saving money once again. Besides, Microsoft’s gaming creation allows you to enjoy the best type of gaming that suits you the most. This is due to the fact that they actually have a quiz that helps you find your perfect console match. Click here to take the quiz.

PlayStation 4

ps4 xbox or nintendo game

The PlayStation series is an all time favorite. It marked generations and for those who play since the first one, there is no other console option than the PS4. Comparing it with Xbox One X, PS4 specifications aren’t as powerful but the console is way more popular. The reason for this is that Sony focus on exclusive titles. That said, many of the best games ever produced can only be played in a PlayStation. Thus, Sony set the expectations for storyline based games, in single player mode. And who doesn’t want to discover lost cities as Nathan Drake or brutally murder the Gods of Olympus as Kratos.

Nintendo Switch

ps4 xbox or nintendo switch

After the fiasco that was the Nintendo Wii U, the billion dollar company put all of its efforts on the Switch. And now, it’s safe to say that it paid off. This incredible console provides a mix of playstyles and amazing graphics. Aside from that, the Nintendo Company has three of the most known series of all time: Mario, Zelda and Pokémon. Each one of them having a solid worldwide fanbase. So every time Nintendo launches a new console, people will eventually buy them. Fortunately for them, the Switch received great evaluations and already has many interesting choices for you to pick and play.

Black Friday

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Cover

As for Black Friday predictions, the Xbox will most likely focus on their cheaper consoles. So expect interesting deals on the One S. Besides, they will try to sell you related items in bundles such as accessories and some game options. Moving on, this year’s promises amazing prices on the PS4 and the Xbox One X. This is because Sony and Microsoft officialized the release of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett for 2020. This means that their bundles will have a great price drop since new consoles are already on their way.

Unfortunately, the Switch is another story. Last year savings weren’t out of the chart and big retailers sold more Switch games than the device itself. The most wanted item was the bundle with the latest Mario Kart with a small percentage off. But don’t worry, this year we might see some good deals and new bundles with higher savings.

Either one is an amazing option. But choosing the PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch is completely up to you. So the best advice we can give you is to search for the games you want to play to only then decide your console.

Where to find them?

You can find the PS4, Xbox or Nintendo at the biggest retailers . And you can get access to them through Lemoney. Lemoney is a reward, coupons and cash back platform that gives you opportunities to make the best deal saving money. Besides, you can get Turbo Cash Back at many stores being a Lemoney user. All you need to do is sign up to our website. It’s free, simple and quick.

Find out the most amazing console games you can purchase on Black Friday!

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