Prince Charles Tested Positive For Coronavirus. Britain Situation and "The Crown" Finale

A lot has happened this past week for the British and we still need to process everything. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Great Britain started taking preventive measures to stop the virus advance and protect its citizens. Besides, Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus and Netflix’s “The Crown” is getting an early ending. With that said, let’s discuss these items below:

Royal Family

Prince Charles of Wales tested positive for coronavirus. The Queen’s eldest son and heir to the British throne is currently self-isolating with his wife in Scotland. However, his wife Camilla didn’t test positive for the virus. And although the 71 year old prince belongs to the risk group, a spokesman said he only presents mild symptoms and remains in good health. Buckingham Palace also stated that Queen Elizabeth II and her husband moved to Windsor Castle a week earlier than planned. Besides, the elderly couple is taking additional preventive measures due to their age.

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Britain in Lockdown

In order to contain the COVID-19 cases in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Jonhson declared a 3-week national lockdown. By taking these measures, the government hopes to decrease the number of new cases. Besides, they also want to avoid the Spain, France and Italy outcomes. So, to make sure that doesn’t happen, the Jonhson delivered a very simple message. Stay at home! And even though it is a hard thing to do, Britons will start to self-quarantine in the following weeks.

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The Crown

After being nominated for over 27 awards, the most expensive show that ever existed is coming to its conclusion. However it won’t be how you expected. The Crown was originally meant to be a six season show. Sadly, Netflix and Peter Morgan decided that it is time to stop. So, it is highly unlikely that we will see Megan Markle, Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew’s scandals. That said, it is possible that the show will end near Princess Diana’s divorce and death. But if you want more royal family content, check Peter Morgan’s movie “The Queen” for more recent stories.

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