Pre-Order NBA 2K20 For Just $49.99! Ratings, Release And Why you should Get It NOW

Great moment for basketball fans! NBA 2K20 release is in 09/06. The most played basketball video game comes to another edition and promises to be again a blockbuster. You can pre-order your NBA 2K20 for PS4 or XBOX One at Massgenie through Lemoney! It’s just $49.99 and UP TO 19% CASH BACK! Therefore, check this awesome details that make 2K20 so unique and get ready to the tip-off!

The King No Longer The Best?

The King James has his sequence as the player with the highest rating since 2K11, alongside Dwyane Wade and Kobe. He lead by straight years in this spot in NBA 2K alone until now. Because Kawhi just came to share the throne with Lebron with the highest 2K20 overall rating as well. By the way, when it comes to overall ratings, Shaq holds the record. The Diesel is the only player EVER to have a 100 (really one hundred) rating in NBA 2K2. Therefore, pre-order NOW 2K20 and have the opportunity to make both face in a game.

Zion Williamson And The Other Rookies

This season’s rookie sensation from Duke, Zion Williamson is, for the first time, officially in the game. He starts with 81 overall, one of the highest among the previous rated rookies in NBA 2K. Not to mention that he’ll play for the New Orleans Pelicans, a team with many prospects. Because of this, you have a great option to start a MyGm mode. Besides, other prospect rookies like Ja Morrant (Grizzlies, 79 ovr), R.J. Barrett (Knicks, 78 ovr) and De’Andre Hunter (Hawks, 77 ovr), add some fresh game to the league. Get 2K20 for JUST $49.99 and play with these young bloods.


This season has a special thing that remembers of the 90’s NBA basketball. The media is already calling the duos season. Westbrook joined Harden to reedit former OKC times while AD signed with the Lakers to a strong duo with LeBron. In Brooklyn, the expectations went high when Kyrie and Durant decided to play together for the Nets. Although Durant got hurt, in 2K20 you’ll be able to show what this duo is capable of. However, the spotlight is all around LA. Not because of the Hollywood sign, but because of Kawhi and Paul George. They both surprisingly decided to play for the Clippers and shocked the basketball world. Prove that your favorite duo is the best, pre-order NBA 2K20 in this amazing sale!


NBA 2k soundtracks are always putting on a show. In 2K20 you’ll find 50 songs of famous artists such as Drake, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Lil’ Wayne and XXXTENTACION. Also, there is a contest to discover new talents to get a chance to launch their songs in the game. The competitors must submit their tracks through the UnitedMasters app. They’ll have to present to Steve Stout, a celebrity panel and 2K team.

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