Pokémon Direct 2020: Latest Information From Game Freak

Pokémon Direct 2020: Latest Information From Game Freak

As you all know, Nintendo does a live stream every year for Pokémon related news and games. This year, the Pokémon Direct 2020 live happened in January 9th and oh my God! We have a lot to talk about.

Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Starting with the first announcement, we got to see the trailer for the brand new Mystery Dungeon. The title that will be released on March 2020. Having waited 14 years, you’ll take control of Pikachu once again in this remake for the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, but we will also be able to download the demo version later today at the Nintendo eShop. And if that wasn’t enough to get the mystery dungeon fans hyped, they also informed that it will be possible to transfer your progress in the demo to the full version when you purchase it.

Expansion Packs For Sword And Shield

The next big news is that Game Freak is going to release their very first Pokémon DLC. This content will be available for the Sword and Shield titles released a few months ago. Overall it will be a vast experience and will let players start new journeys on unexplored locations of the Galar region. The Expansion Packs will include 2 parts. The first one, called Isles Of Armour, and the second, The Crown Tundra. Also, we got to see that each one will introduce new characters and legendary pokémon. Furthermore, more than 200 species of pokémon from previous games will be available for you to encounter while exploring this new areas.

Isles Of Armour

The Part 1 of the expansion pack will be set on an area that will be filled with nature and sun. They said it focuses on the theme of growth. There, you will meet Mustard, the former Champion. This man is the one responsible for training Leon. He runs a dojo ever since his apprentice became the new Champion. Mustard will take you as his new pupil and will entrust you a pokémon called Kubfu as you progress with your training. A small panda like fighting type creature. Later, you will be able to evolve this brand new legendary into Urshifu.

The interesting thing about Urshifu is that, just like Toxtricity, it comes in two different forms. The first one is the single-strike form which has a fighting/dark type. The other one is the rapid-strike form which also features two types, those being fighting and water. And that’s not all! Urshifu will be granted a Gigantamax form. But that’s not all for Gigantamax pokémon! The final forms of the starter trio will also be receiving a G-Max form with their very own G-Moves as well as the other Kanto starters. As for new rivals, the one you will face will vary depending on your game. If you play Sword, your rival will be Klara, a poison type user. And if you’re playing Shield, you’ll be facing Avery, a psychic user. Both characters are aiming to become stronger and will try to fulfill their dream of becoming a Gym Leader.

The Crown Tundra

The second part of the expansion pack focus on the theme exploration and it will bring us the Galarian Slowpoke and Slowking. Luckly, they’re not the only ones. The legendary bird trio of Kanto will also have Galarian forms. The area will be a mix of mountains and ice landscapes and will be the largest one yet. Also, these new areas will be larger than the Wild Area and you’ll be able to move just as freely. And if that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll be able to explore caves with friends with the new co-op mode and face legendary pokémon from previous titles.

The main point of this part involves exploring temples and dens to discover hidden secrets that might lead you to Calyrex, the other legendary pokémon. Besides, new battles will become available once you complete the main plot. This part will also include hundreds of customized options for hair and clothing and new looks for your bike. Lastly, the expansion pack will include new tutor moves, apricorns and the Exp. Charm.

Pokémon Home

Finaly, the Pokémon Direct 2020 also brought a lot information about Pokémon Home. This app will let players transfer pokémon from their previous games into their Sword and Shield copy. But it will only be possible to do so if that pokémon appears in the base version of the game or in the expansion pack. So, for example, it won’t be possible to transfer your Rayquaza if it doesn’t not appear in the expansion pack. This feature is set to launch on Febuary 2020 and more information about it will come soon.

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And that’s all the news from the Pokémon Direct 2020 that we were given. You’ll be able to get these games and expansions trought the Nintendo eShop. Find more information here! And if you don’t own a copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield you can purchase it at Walmart trough Lemoney.

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