Perricone MD: Save 30% on Vitamin C Ester products and an extra 15% on kits. Use code: BRIGHTEN22.

Perricone MD: Save 30% on Vitamin C Ester products and an extra 15% on kits. Use code: BRIGHTEN22.

Surely you’ve heard about the benefits of Vitamin C for our skin. Whether by indication of some digital influencer or by medical recommendation. This asset has become the darling of everyone who likes to take good care of their skin.

This compound is a great ally in the fight against premature aging, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and is one of the most effective treatments in the fight against stains.

What is vitamin C for on the face?

As our skin is daily exposed to the aggressions of sunlight and artificial light, from our cell phones and computers, pollution. The use of Vitamin C is recommended, so that we can enjoy the benefits, such as:

  • Antioxidant action, protecting the skin from the action of the sun’s rays;
  • Protection against free radicals, preventing premature aging;
  • Stimulation of elastin and collagen production, increasing firmness;
  • Decreased signs of expression and aging, such as fine lines.

What types of skin can you use?

This compound is very universal and can adapt to all skin types. It is worth mentioning that it is important to buy the texture that best suits your skin type, especially oily skin with a tendency to acne.

How to use vitamin C on the face?

To help you in this process and make your skincare routine faster and more efficient, we have separated some tips:

  • Clean with a soap suitable for your skin type;
  • Apply facial moisturizer;
  • With your face dry and clean, apply your vitamin C;
  • Wait for the product to dry and apply sunscreen for greater skin protection.

If you’ve heard that we can’t use Vitamin C overnight, know that this is a myth. We can use it, the only difference is that we will not need to apply sunscreen. Just use it after your favorite moisturizer.

Vitamin C Ester by Perricone MD.

Now that we’ve told you all the benefits of using this substance daily, it’s time to introduce you to Perricone MD‘s Vitamin C Ester. This proprietary ingredient was developed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone to deliver all of the benefits of vitamin C—without the drawbacks.

A more potent, highly stable, and less abrasive form of antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin C Ester gives the appearance of collagen-rich skin, smoothing, brightening, and minimizing the appearance of discoloration over time. Unlike traditional vitamin C, vitamin C Ester is fat-soluble and easily absorbable for maximum antioxidant benefits.

Vitamin C Ester is L-ascorbic acid plus palmitic acid, a fatty acid derived from palm oil. This addition makes the new molecule fat- (rather than water-) soluble so it can easily penetrate the skin’s surface. In independent studies, Vitamin C Ester has been shown to absorb more readily and achieve up to seven times higher levels in the skin than L-ascorbic acid alone. The Vitamin C Ester Collection provides supercharged brightening and smoothing with less irritation than traditional vitamin C. Vitamin C Ester is one of their most exciting discoveries and their first antioxidant-based treatment.

The best vitamin C for you is VITAMIN C ESTER. Purchase and understand why we are all obsessed with this product! Buy now with 30% off – Use code: BRIGHTEN22.

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