Paul McCartney Greatest Songs! Celebrate His Birthday By Listening Them Today

One of the most acclaimed british artists is celebrating his 78th birthday today! Sir Paul McCartney, former member of the Beatles rock band has completed another cycle. So let’s get the party started with TIDAL! That said, we selected his best works and made a glorious Paul Mccartney greatest songs list.

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No More Lonely Nights

One of McCartney’s greatest songs in his solo career was actually written for the soundtrack of a 1984 movie. The movie was ok but the song quickly gained popularity in the US and UK. Besides, it was also nominated for 2 awards and appeared on 3 of McCartney’s albums.

Ebony And Ivory

What do you get when you team up a former Beatle with one talented Stevie Wonder? Well, the result speaks for itself with a beautiful melody and lyrics. Ebony and Ivory is a song about racial equality that delivers a smooth harmony and rhythm.

Say Say Say

Another dynamic duo is McCartney and Jackson. The pair released Say Say Say in 1983 and it became a hit almost immediately! In addition to that, this song is considered one of the best collaborations of all time according to the Rolling Stones magazine.

Panny Lane

While waiting for John Lennon next to a bus stop on Penny Lane, McCartney started to write down a song. Little did he know that he was writing one of his biggest hits. But Penny Lane was special for them and the song provides that feeling with sightings and characters that they both knew.

Live and Let Die

Over the years we were introduced to many James Bond hit songs like Skyfall and Writings on the Wall. But way back in 1973 McCarteney wrote Live and Let Die for the Bond movie with the same name. Unexpectedly, the song became famous and is often covered by other artists.


Blackbird is a symbolic tale of race and struggle. Besides, this melodic song has inspirations in Bach and racial conflicts. But that’s not all! McCartney wanted to keep the lute peace of Bach’s Burrée style throughout the song and succeeded.

Eleanor Rigby

A more experimental take on the evolution of the Beatles, Eleanor Rigby gave us a tale of loneliness. Not only that, but it also broke the conventional popular and rock music both musically and lyrically. Besides, it stands as an example of genius composition from the Beatles.

Let It Be

Possibly one of the best and more meaningful songs ever written. Let it Be was the last single of the Beatles and is a homenage to Paul’s mother Mary. It’s a very emotional song and it solidified the end of the band in 1970.


Another unbelievable song is Yesterday. It’s beautiful lyrics reached the heights in 1965. Besides, it’s the most covered song of all time and it is the title of Danny Boyle’s romantic comedy featuring many Beatles songs.

Here There and Everywhere

Said to be Lennon’s favorite Beatles song, this love ballad is the perfect way to remind us to live here and now. In addition to that, the inspiration came from McCartney’s favorite song of all time: God Only Knows. Also, the song was very well received and in 2000 it got 4th place on Mojo’s magazine list of greatest songs of all time.

Hey Jude

Hey Jude is a number one hit and Beatles masterpiece. It topped the highest spots all over the world and became the best selling single in four different countries. Paul wrote it to John’s son Julian after his parents got divorced. So it’s a song about finding positivity in sad moments and we can’t help but to sing along when we hear the na-na-nas.

And that’s it for our Paul McCartney greatest songs list! So hurry up and get your TIDLE subscription to enjoy of this hits today! Besides, you can listen to other amazing songs performed by famous South Korean grups here!

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