Outfit Ideas and Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

Although spring is still not officially arrived, it seems that it’s here already. The days have already become warmer, and we need to start changing our wardrobe and stash away all those warm and cozy winter clothes. Problem is: putting together a spring outfit that is fabulous and comfy enough isn’t always simple. Dressing for spring isn’t exactly easy, in fact. Even when the weather seems perfect and the sun is shining, you may never know when an unexpected rain can make the whole day so much chillier.

Let’s have a look at a couple out outfit ideas and fashion trends for Spring 2019 for those who like to dress to impress.

Boho-Chic Style

The boho-chic style stopped being just a temporary fad after it was able to endure several seasons in a row, so it’s always a safe choice. A flowy top trimmed with tassels is always fashionable, especially since you can choose between a lot of bold and assertive prints in these trends. The best part of boho-chic is that you can create a lot of outfits with simple clothes you will find in your closets such as printed sneakers and white jeans. Just match everything with a colorful scarf and boho waves, and you’re set.

Comfortably Casual

A colorful floral dress is a fantastic choice for every woman who wants to look flirty without having to renounce comfort at all. Nothing reminds of spring as much as flowers after all. Floral-printed dresses are an all-timer that can go with everything, especially with a cool accessory such as a stylish belt or a pair of vintage 80s sunglasses. And don’t forget that you can still throw on a pair of sneakers so you can walk around as much as you want!

Minimalist Outfit

Minimalism never goes out of fashion. Minimalism is about efficiently pairing your clothes so that your closet does not dominate your otherwise essential style. And it’s always a great way to show how classy and smart you are without even caring too much about your clothes like the average Instagram influencer. Even the most classic jeans, boots, t-shirt, blazer combo will just look sleek and impossible to argue with.

Smart & Classy

Few things can scream out loud that you’re chic and classy like a perfectly matched pleated skirt with a khaki shirt. They will give you that “I’m smart but I don’t care” look that will look stylish yet shabby chic like a doll – a very intelligent doll, however. Just pair the khaki shirt with a matching pair of green socks, or switch it for a more intense and colorful striped shirt.

Ruffle Detail Top

As the weather becomes warmer, there’s much more space to choose clothes that are inherently more feminine. You can put the genderless wool sweaters you had to wear during the winter away. Tops with ruffle details are the perfect choice since they’re one of the most spot-on trends in 2019. They’re pretty, they’re classy, and they give you that beautiful, daring princess look. Just couple them with a pair of slim-fitting jeans, a pair of cozy sandals, or a girly floral skirt.


Our small styling tips are all you need to reach the highest heights of spring fabulousness. As you can see, it is not so hard to mix the clothes that sit in the depths of your closet together to create a stylish, clever, and cool outfit that will make everyone go “wow”!

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