Organic Food Benefits To Live Healthier

According to the New York Post, bad diets are killing more people than cigarettes. Luckily there are organics. You don’t need to worry anymore If you don’t know what is organic food and their benefits. You will get known about everything you need to know in this post. And how to eat them contributes much more to a better life as well.  

Chemical products and synthetic hormones are not part of organic production. Therefore, organics are real food that grows naturally by a healthy way. But in the other hand, the mainstream food industry uses toxic substances like pesticides and fertilizers. They follow this procedure in order to control the growing and development of certain diseases. Those substances can be highly dangerous to humans, animals, and to our planet. In contrast, there are alternative techniques to produce organics which protects the environment and are free from poisonous substances. For this reason, is healthier and eco-friendly. You can check how it’s great on these seven benefits about why organic food must be part of your diet.

Organic Food It’s Healthier

Pesticides and other chemical products are very harmful to our health. Their waste can remain in our body and provoke allergic reactions, hormonal problems and even cancer. To you have an idea, the US Environmental Protection Agency says that 90% of fungicides are potentially carcinogenic. Besides, when it comes to meat, the regular industry treats animals with antibiotics, synthetic hormones and other drugs. It’s not difficult to imagine where all this poison goes. So, in order to live longer and healthier, a diet free of chemical products and hormones is essential. 

Organic Food Has More Nutrients

The soil where organics are cultivated uses only vegetable and animal materials. In other words, the soil isn’t poisoned and the amount of nutrient per cubic centimeter is higher. As a consequence, organic food is richer in vitamin C, antioxidants, calcium, iron and magnesium. Also, organic meats, dairy, and eggs have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Known to improve heart health and reduce one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. 

Organic Food Is Delicious

Organic food isn’t only more nutritious. It is also more delicious. Conventional industries use nitric fertilizer to make fruits and vegetables grow faster. In contrast, organics grew more slowly, allowing flavors to flourish naturally. Also, fruits and vegetables cultivated in organic farms are harvested more mature. That gives them time to intensify smell and accentuate their taste. 

Organics Make The World Better

Our world suffers from the intense chemical products utilization. These products poison the air, soil, and water. Not to mention that animals and humans are also affected. However, all chemical products are forbidden in organic production avoiding environmental damage. Evidence shows that pesticides have a major rule in the despairing of bees and other pollinators species. In contrast, organic farms are attractive to wildlife, serving as a home for bees and other animals. And that is not all. Organic farms also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yes, the one that causes the greenhouse effect. It’s totally possible to help the planet while also enjoying good and healthy food. In a word, heaven.

Great Way To Detox Your Body

organic food benefits - more than detox your body

You already know that non-organic food has chemical residues. These residues can stay in your body. And that’s definitely not good. But don’t worry. Organics are a really nice way to detox your body. And regain the balance your body needs to stay healthy. When you start to add organic food in your daily diet, your body will start to get clean. The bad substances that were accumulated will be gone. Detox is way more than only green juices. You can get detox during your meals without even notice. Just eat organic.

It’s Life Changing

organic food benefits - it's life changing and makes you wish practice exercises

It’s not only about food. A chain reaction begins in your life when you start to eat organics. Paying more attention to your food will lead to a change in your daily habits. You’ll feel the need to practice more exercise and the planet issues will become a personal problem. This doesn’t mean that eating organics automatically transforms you into a monk. But will certainly change your mindset about your health and the environment. It’s not only about eating organic food, but also live organically.  

It’s Real Food

organic food benefits - so refreshing food

We already know that eat industrialized food is not good for our health. But sometimes we don’t even know what we are truly consuming. For example, products like burger buns and canned soup contain sugar. And the fruit juices have as much sugar as sodas. On the other hand, as you know by now, organics are natural and real food. They are made without any chemicals or additives. And, to make sure that consumers are really buying genuine organic food, there is the Organic Certification. So, at the supermarket, search for certified USDA Organic Seal products. 

In the U.S., one out of ten adults has diabetes, two times more if compared to 1995. Also, 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. Due to that sad reality, rethink about food habits it’s not only important. It’s also urgent. Therefore, choosing organic food makes you more aware of the quality and provenience of your food. It also helps you to connect again with real food and with the amazing pleasure of buying, cooking, and eating. It’s not only about food. It’s about your health, the planet, and our future.

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