Ohio And Louisiana Coronavirus Confirmed Cases In The US

The COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide. Overall, there are 105,000 confirmed cases and 3,500 deaths. In the US, the numbers are growing but the first patients have already started to recover. So far, we have more than 700 cases and 27 deaths. That said, even Pearl Jam had to postpone their tour due to the COVID-19. Sadly, we have two new states joining the fight. Ohio and Louisiana got their first confirmed Coronavirus patients and are taking preventive measures. But don’t panic, the situation is not yet at an alarming level. So you don’t need to isolate yourself from human contact. All you really need are simple hygine habits.

How can you prevent the Coronavirus?

Ohio and Louisiana

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The Ohio State University suspended in-person classes until the end of March. Although it is not a solution it is a way to protect the students. And well, many colleges and schools opted for online classes too. The latest ones to join this strategy were Harvard and Amherst College. After spring break ends, students will have the option to remain on campus or return to their homes. In Louisiana, the governor stated that even though the virus reached us, the state has been preparing for this moment for many weeks.

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How to Prepare?

Homemade hand sanitizer three-step recipe.

Even though the video is funny it also show us how difficult it is to fight against simple habits like touching your face. Besides, you can’t control when or if the virus will come but you can get ready to deal with it. There are plenty of ways you can try to protect yourself. One of them is to avoid crowds and contact with sick people. Other methods includes the use of masks and always having a hand sanitizer in sight. So make sure you check the recommendations in the World Health Organization website. That way, we can try to prevent Ohio and Louisiana Coronavirus cases from spreading.

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