5 Freak Reasons To Buy Zoom Freak 1 & Giannis Antetokounmpo Clothing

Giannis Antetokounmpo. Keep in mind this peculiar and original Greek name. People indicate Giannis as one of the main stars in NBA during several following years. There are those who claim that he is already the best basketball player in the world. The numbers don’t say the opposite about it and are very impressive. The Greek Freak started his legacy in 2013-14 NBA season. Now it’s time to you be fully part of it. Nike just amazingly released Giannis’ first signature shoes, Nike Freak 1. Besides, there is a whole collection with other products from his partnership with Nike.

Here are 5 freak reasons to you have Nike Giannis Zoom Freak 1 and clothing. Take a look at these awesome things that make the current NBA MVP a freak by his nature.


Nike Giannis Freak 1 Shoes Sneakers
Nike Zoom Freek 1

Giannis is already leading Greece in the 2019 Fiba Basketball World Cup. He debuted with Hellas having 10 points and eight rebounds in only 16 minutes against Montenegro. Besides that, the Greek team will face in group stage Brazil and New Zealand with Giannis. And guess who is one of the favorite candidates to the World Cup best player award? That’s right, Giannis is! Not to mention that he’s already rocking with his first signature shoes. Giannis is already wearing Nike Giannis Zoom Freak 1 in the tournament. Purchase it now and have the NBA MVP shoes!


The Greek MVP led the Bucks during the 18/19 NBA season averaging 27.7 points, 12.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists. Led by Giannis, the Bucks qualified for the first time since 2001 for the Eastern Conference Finals. Also, although losing it to the Raptors, he became the second EVER European elected MVP. A mark that only Dirk Nowitzki had achieved.


Nike Dri-FIT Giannis ‘Coming to America’

Giannis has been a true record breaker machine since he started in the NBA. He’s the first player ever to win both the Most Improved Player Award and the MVP Award. Not to mention that he is the third-youngest MVP in 40 years. He’s only behind iconic players such as Derrick Rose in 2011 and LeBron James in 2009. For sure his arrival in America makes more impact as the years go passing by. Therefore, Nike made a tribute to one of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s favorite movies. The Nike Dri-FIT Giannis ‘Coming to America’ T-Shirt features graphics inspired by the ’80s comedy, alongside other products.


Nike Giannis Freak 1 Cap
Giannis Nike Pro ‘Coming to America’ Cap

The more seasons pass by, the more Milwaukee see Giannis as an idol in Milwaukee. Therefore, some people see the Greek freak almost in the same spot as a hall of famer. We’re talking about the most iconic Bucks in history, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And it’s not by chance. He is the first Bucks MVP since 1974 when Kareem got the last of his three playing for the franchise. Besides, Giannis ties Steve Nash (1996) for the lowest drafted MVP (15th overall) in the lottery era. This is an accomplishment that makes the citizens of the Cream City very proud of. Get this cap NOW and feel like in draft night while chosed by Giannis team.


Men’s Basketball Track Shorts Giannis ‘Coming to America’

Nike’s partnership with Giannis is not a simple thing. It’s for real. According to Forbes, Giannis is the fifth player that gets more sneakers income. Which makes him only behind names like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade. Therefore, we can be sure that is a long lasting and successful partnership. Because of that, being part of this with these shorts ready to put some dimes into your pockets.

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