Nike Air Jordan Sale: 6 Awesome Jordan Shoes Under $100

Kicks lovers, pay attention. You’re all about to have brand new Air Jordan shoes in an exclusive Nike Clearance Sale. 6 is the number of rings that the G.O.A.T, aka Michael Jordan, has. So here are a selection of 6 awesome Jordan shoes under $100.


Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.2

Nike Air Jordan Sale - Why Not Zer02

Hoops addicted love Jordans. This is a true fact that will never change. So, why not take a shot at this amazing and outstanding all white sneaker? Because it’s an authentic Air Jordan shoe that celebrates Russel Westbrook remarkable skills to hoop. It’s only $86,97. You can purchase it right now while you have time.

Jordan Defy SP

Nike Air Jordan Sale - Defy SP Men's Shoe

Zoom Air is a revolution on basketball shoes technology. It gives more comfort and a better way to the shoe fits on athlete’s feet. However, you get more than technology with this Jordan Defy SP. Because look how the design is full of style. And just for $99,97.

Jordan Trainer 3 (Oklahoma)

Jordan shoes are more about just basketball shoes nowadays. They’re shoes to use on a daily basis. That’s why Nike develops shoes like this Air Jordan Trainer 3. Perfect for your workouts without slowing down. Also, it comes with Zoom Air cushioning with FlightSpeed technology that creates explosive responsiveness. What makes it good specifically for sprints, jumps and bodyweight exercises. Have it for just $74,97.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Double Strap

Air Jordan 1 shocked the world and changed the way that people use to look for shoes. It is a one of a kind case until nowadays. And this Retro edition is a no-laces on the ’85 original, what makes it with other way to look style. Therefore, you should get it now while it’s time for this. It’s only $92,97 on this Nike Clearance Sale full of Air Jordan.

Air Jordan Legacy 312

Legacy, legacy, legacy. It’s one of the more than million of synonyms you can give to MJ, right? So get stylish with this modern mash-up shoe that praises Jordan legacy. Besides that, enjoy the limited offer of it. It’s only 87,97.

Jordan 89 Racer

It’s a dream that comes true. Just feel how incredible it is to have a Jordan on your feet that is perfect to running. This is totally what Jordan 89 racer can give to you. Not to mention that it’s now only $59,97. Purchase this Air Jordan right now!


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