5 Documentaries About Artists You Should Watch On Netflix

5 Documentaries About Artists You Should Watch On Netflix

If you like music and documentaries, this post is for you. We know Netflix has everything, but sometimes it looks like there is nothing there to watch. Especially if you already watched all Stranger Things episodes. But the reality is that it’s really easy to get lost on Netflix among so many titles. So, if you’re looking for great Netflix documentaries about artists, you’re at the right place. We separated 5 documentaries about artists that you have to watch before you die! 

Keith Richards: Under the Influence

I guess there isn’t a single soul in the earth that doesn’t know the Rolling Stones. Therefore, Keith Richards is better known for being the guitarist of this giant band. But this documentary shows Keith through another angle. It shows his agitated celebrity life. And also the recording of his first solo album in two decades. Under the Influence has Morgan Neville as director and it’s available at Netflix. You can’t miss it! 


Amy Whinehouse was well known by her music, style, and her troubled track. But no gossip tabloid in the world can erase the fact that she was a really amazing and complete artist. In Amy, the director Asif Kapadia introduce us a really talented ten years old girl with special singing abilities. Further, we can also see her success as one of the most famous singers in the world. And of course that her dark moments with alcohol and drugs is also present. Amy is real and human. And obligatory.


Queen B could not be out of this list. Homecoming is a Netflix documentary focused on her 2018 Coachella performance. Written and directed by herself, Homecoming gives you an intimate and in-deep look into Beyonce’s creative and ingenious world. In short, you’re going to feel like you were there. 

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Nina Simone enchanted her fans with her voice and her free spirit. But outside the stage, there wasn’t any freedom. This amazing documentary directed by Liz Garbus sends us back to the 60s, during the civil rights era. Among this troubled time, Simone struggles to balance her artistic life with her militancy to the movement. This biographical documentary contains real tapes from Simone and tells us her amazing story. The High Priestess of Soul has an incredible real history that you must watch. 

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads

The mysterious Robert Johnson left his mark in blues history. Robert had a short but intense life. He once said that he made a pact with the Devil at a crossroads in Mississippi. But director Brian Oakes decided to tell us more than that. In this documentary, family, critics and famous friends reveal the real story behind this blues legend. And it’s a hell of a story. 

Now you probably want to watch all these amazing Netflix documentaries about artists. So, grab your popcorn and call your friends. Or watch on your own. It doesn’t matter how but one thing for sure. The marathon will begin!

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