Guitar Center Gives UP TO 25% OFF On Top Branded Instruments

Guitar Center Gives UP TO 25% OFF On Top Branded Instruments

Gear lovers, this is right for you all who struggle to make the perfect pitch with a top branded instrument. There are a lot of them coming with incredible offers. You can find brands like Gibson, Gretsch, Hofner, Shure, Akai, Martin and Shure, for example. All of them are with UP TO 25% OFF in this Guitar Center music instruments sale. They are the largest retailer of music instruments of America. To you have an idea, Guitar Center has more than 260 stores across the U.S and helps people to make music for the last 50 years.

You can check here below some of the best offers that Lemoney is presenting so you can shop with UP TO 26% Turbo Cash Back.

Hofner Ignition Series Vintage Violin Bass Sunburst

Music Instruments Sale - Hofner

Not that is a dream bass for every bassist of the world. However, every bass player would love to play it at least once. You can have it with 10% OFF of its regular price. This means that it can be all yours for less than $320.

Gretsch Guitars G2420T

Music Instruments Sale - Gretsch Guitars

An acoustic guitar precisely made for the modern guitarist player that loves to reach that kind of peculiar pitches. Gretsch Guitars are like master pieces in guitar world. So this G2420T model is for powerful players free to play within modern sonics, updated electronics and authentically elegant style. You can have the latest iteration of the outstanding Gretsch Sound with 15% OFF of the regular price.

Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb

Music Instruments Sale - Etude Trompet

You gotta start from some point if you want to learn and play gorgeously. Guitar Center knows it and that’s why they’re offering this Etude with a 25% OFF in this music instrument sale.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe IV

Music Instruments Sale - Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro IV still “lives” like a brand new one. All of this because the Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe IV has a lot of features of its “older sister”. You can have it all with 10% OFF of the regular price. Don’t risk in waiting to make the purchase. Buy it right now.

Gibson Burstbucker 3 4-Conductor Wax Potted Humbucker Pickup Zebra

Zebra coils are a must-have of every electric guitar lover. If you don’t know why, it’s because the last models are the updated version of ’57 Classic Humbucker. That said, the Zebra coils are an unique item that not only boost your guitar sound, but enhance its feelings when you reach them.

Martin D-28 Special VTS Dreadnought

Someone in the world said “Bring the Martin’s 30’s Golden Era back!”. Well, they did it for real. And you can feel it right away when you just play the first sounds after you touch this amazing guitar at the first time. You can purchase this top of mind guitar with a rare discount of 15% OFF of its regular price. But you have to hurry up. It’s for a limited time. Purchase right now!

Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor

It’s not always about plugging into the jack and hope that the sound will come clearly like you imagine. Sometimes is really difficult for the guitarist reaches the tune he intends to play. However, there are a lot of featured pedals and consoles that helps him out. And that’s why the Carl Martin Classic Opto-Compressor existis. This pedal is one of the most recognized compressor pedals in the market. Not to mention that is easy to have it out of stock. So you better hurry up in guarantying this pedal right now. It’s with 10% OFF of the regular price in this Guitar Center music instruments sale.

LP Aspire Exotic Ebony String Cajon

A Cajon that has an exotic ebony soundboard that optimizes the quality of the sound. It’s 25% OFF and ready to be all yours. Purchase it now before the sale ends.

Akai Professional Advance 49 MIDI

Controllers became a vital source for songwriters and performers as well. Although they’re not considerate as instruments, they simulate literally everything. And Akai has some of the most searched models in the market. Like this Advance 49 MIDI keyboard with an incredible playability that eases the manipulation of virtual instruments. It’s 10% OFF and you can purchase it exactly now.

Shure PGXD24/Beta58A Handheld Wireless Package

Every singer deserves to be listened clearly, of course. However, it’s not every microphone that offers a high quality sound when captures singer sings. In addition to that, it has to be a mic with a raw structure that could last a long time. Shure mics always have these featured qualities and in this offer you can have everything you need to sing. Beta 58A Mic and PGXD24/Beta58A Digital Wireless System are the top of mind products that will give all of this. And you just can’t miss the 15% OFF discount on their purchase either. Even because you’ll earn a tripod too. Make the purchase now.

You can make any purchase you want at Guitar Center and get UP TO 26% Turbo Cash Back when you make purchases through Lemoney. Enjoy this Guitar Center music instruments sale through Lemoney and buy your favorite gear with the best cash back rates.

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